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Mediascape is an employee-owned company and Scotland’s leading provider of AV solutions for businesses. With over 20 years of experience in the audiovisual industry, we specialise in designing, supplying, installing, and maintaining integrated AV systems.

As part of Scotland Excel’s AV Framework and APUC Framework, Mediascape takes pride in delivering bespoke AV solutions that will turn your educational space into a modern hub of collaboration and productivity, where you can easily engage students and deliver better learning outcomes.

Our expert team will work closely with you to understand your unique needs and aspirations in order to design, plan, and install AV systems that align perfectly with your vision.

AV Technology For Modern Educational Settings

The integration of AV technology in universities and colleges contribute to creating a more inclusive, interactive and efficient educational environment.

Visual aids – such as videos and interactive displays – can effectively convey complex concepts and help students retain information more effectively than traditional lecture-based approaches. AV Solutions also enables active participation and engagement in the learning process, while catering to diverse learning styles and accommodating students with disabilities.

Furthermore, AV technology can support professional development opportunities for faculty and staff. Training modules, webinars, and online resources empower educators to enhance their teaching skills, stay updated with the latest pedagogical approaches and share best practices with colleagues.

digital projector in a classroom full of pupils
6 people on a video call for a business meeting

Drive Students’ Success With AV Solutions 

By leveraging AV technologies, educational institutions can boost students’ engagement, facilitate effective communication, grant access to diverse learning resources, and spark creativity and teamwork.

Whether you need high-quality audio systems and immersive video displays to ensure crystal-clear presentations and engaging lectures in your auditorium or interactive displays that promotes active participation in your classroom, Mediascape has got you covered.

We provide comprehensive bespoke AV solutions, from initial design to installation and ongoing support, ensuring a seamless AV integration experience. Our dedication to innovation, reliability, and personalised customer service makes us an ideal partner for educational institutions seeking to harness the transformative power of AV technologies.

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From creating immersive learning experiences to facilitating interactive discussions, AV technology holds immense potential for enhancing educational settings.

Here at Mediascape, our goal is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your learning environment by providing you with the latest AV technology and features that will help you achieve your educational goals.

Whether you require a new audio system, video conferencing equipment, or interactive displays, our team of experts will offer guidance in selecting the best AV solution for your institution.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your specific requirements and explore how we can create a more inclusive and productive educational environment.

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Our selection of AV solutions for your institution

A digital projector in a meeting room

Digital Projection

Whether you’re delivering a lecture in a spacious auditorium or conducting a corporate training session, high-definition digital projectors are crucial to effectively convey your educational or corporate content and make it visually captivating.

Digital displays in a store

Digital Signage

Digital signage elevates your communication strategy with eye-catching displays that deliver customisable content. It allows you to increase brand awareness while engaging people with interactive experiences.

Interactive AV touchscreens

Interactive Touchscreens

Interactive touchscreens foster active learning, enabling students to effectively demonstrate and explain learning theories. This approach to education encourages experimentation and group discussions, ultimately developing critical thinking skills among students.

Featured Projects

We have worked with a wide range of clients, providing products/services that are second to none.

Glasgow Caledonian University, GlasgowUK

Glasgow Caledonian University

When COVID-19 hit, universities across the country had to pivot how they approached delivering lessons. In order to properly social distance, Glasgow Caledonian University wanted to give their students and faculty the best solution for hybrid learning and Mediascape was there to help. 

Empty boardroom with a screen
classroom with laptops on the desks

The University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK

Technology & Innovation Centre

The Technology & Innovation Centre at the University of Strathclyde aims to transform the way academics and businesses work in partnership with the industrial and public sectors. After submitting a successful tender to win this exciting project, Mediascape worked with the University’s design team to create bespoke AV solutions across 9 floors of the almost completed building.

“I found the company very professional and I am given all the information I require. I also have found all engineers to be particularly skilled and experienced and workmanship is of a very high degree.”

John Monteith

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Enhance Engagement & Experience

Integrate the best audio-visual technology into your workspaces.

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Improve Communications

Make it simple for students to meet, learn and work together at any time.

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Encourage Collaboration

Bring students together for real-time collaboration no matter where they are.

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Create Efficiencies

No more clumsy starts or time lost due to poor sound quality or disrupted videos.