Hearing Loop Systems

Allows the listener to receive the sound from the source without background noise.

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Hearing Loop Systems

What is a hearing loop system?

A hearing loop is a loop of wire that uses a magnetic field when it transmits sound.

The microphone picks up the sound from a source and then delivers it to an amplifier. The loop of wire facilitates the distribution of magnetic signal that allows the transmission of sound from the amplifier to the hearing aid.

This process allows the listener to receive the sound from the source without background noise.

How Do Hearing Loop Systems Work?

A hearing loop system is an audio visual system that facilitates assistive listening for people with hearing disabilities, such as hearing loss, deaf people, or those who must wear hearing aids.

Hearing loop systems are typically used in public places that employ audio technology, such as places of worship, lecture halls, reception desks, ticket counters, community centres, theatres, banks, etc. You will know if the sound system of a specific location has installed a hearing loop system because they will have the blue ear sign with a ‘T’. If you have a hearing or speech impairment, you will want to find a venue that has installed an induction loop system to support your hearing.

Hearing Loop

Benefits of Hearing Loop Systems

Do you need to install hearing loops for your venue? These are the advantages of a loop system installation.

Easy to Administer Sound System

It makes it easier for people using hearing aids to connect directly to the loop system. It makes your listening and sound equipment more effective for everyone, especially for people who experience hearing loss or deaf people.


By installing hearing loop systems, your venue is compliant with existing assistive listening requirements to ensure anyone using hearing aids can improve their end user experience.


Once you’ve installed an induction loop system, it eliminates the need to install additional devices to support assistive listening and deliver high quality sound.

Universal Access

Hearing loops ensure that your venue can maintain international standards and provide universal access for people with all kinds of hearing disabilities. The use of a hearing loop system ensures that their communication and listening needs are met and addressed.

Choosing a Hearing Loop Systems Installer

When you need to install an assistive listening system for your venue, it’s important to choose only installers of hearing loop that are trained and experienced in the field. 

Their systems must meet international standards set by regulating bodies in Europe and the UK. These standards ensure the right amount of magnetic field and frequency response to improve the hearing ability of the end user, especially when they are present in your venue.

Why Choose Us for Your Hearing Loop System Installation?

At Mediascape, we are Scotland’s specialist installer of audio visual systems, which includes hearing loop systems. We design and install hearing loop systems in various models and styles to suit your specifications. As a trusted induction loop system installer, our focus is to deliver bespoke solutions that take into account the size and construction of every room. This is how we can assure that our assistive listening systems work!

We offer the installation of a hearing loop sound system for various settings, such as lecture halls, community centres, reception desks, ticket counters, and any other venues that feature explanations and acoustic distortion, such as transport hubs and healthcare establishments. 

The looped area facilitates hearing support for people with hearing disabilities, to avoid interference and to make it easier to listen and process sounds. Our induction loop system and equipment are provided by world-class suppliers to ensure the quality of the systems and devices that overcome issues with people who experience hearing loss.

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Mediascape was approached by the team at Peter Vardy to design and install an AV solution that would create an impactful first impression for visitors to the Aberdeen showroom. After numerous discussions and ideas regarding projectors, floor standing displays and more, we proposed a video wall solution that would display high-definition digital imagery and video of the Porsche range.

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Most Commonly Asked Questions About Hearing Loop Systems

How much does a hearing loop system cost?

The cost of a hearing loop system varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, and the specific system you use. The price range for an induction loop system ranges from £150-£200. However, the cost could vary depending on the size and construction of the room that requires the hearing loop system.

Is a hearing loop the same as a hearing aid?

No, they each serve a different purpose. Hearing loops aid people with hearing aids by focusing the hearing aid’s ability to pick up sounds from a sound source. It also helps to eliminate the background noise so you hear a clear sound from the source sent via a magnetic signal.

Do NHS hearing aids have a loop setting?

Most but not all NHS hearing aids have a loop setting, which is indicated by a ‘T’. If you want to use the loop system, simply adjust the setting to ‘T’ so you can use the induction loop system along with your hearing aid. It’s also a good idea to check that the hearing loop system you have installed is ‘hearing aid compatible.’

What are the disadvantages of a loop system?

The disadvantage of a hearing loop system is that there is no current standard for all public places. In addition, most hearing aids available in the market in the UK are not suited for music and high-frequency sounds.