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Interactive Boardroom Screen Solution

Interactive Boardroom Screen Solution

Multi National Beverage Company

Glasgow, United Kingdom


Our client is a British multinational beverage company, with headquarters based in London and offices situated in all six inhabited continents. It is one of the world's largest distillers and owns several iconic drinks brands.

The Challenge

Mediascape was approached by the client to advise on how best to utilise the large boardroom and primary meeting space at one of their Glasgow locations. The room at the time had ceiling mounted projectors with projection screens, but the client felt that these no longer offered a premium, professional experience for those attending meetings.

The client had a clear objective for this project - to introduce an easy-to-use, interactive screen system with integrated power and software management that would also improve the functionality and aesthetics of the room.

The Solution

Mediascape suggested the 86" Clevertouch Pro screens as an ideal solution. These were selected by the client after a vetting process that pitted them against alternative interactive screens. They favoured the clean, stylish design of both the physical product and the integrated software, with the IT team being particularly impressed by the ability to remotely manage the screens for software updates, system reboots and energy management.

It was also decided to integrate a Core i5 slot-in PC with the client's Clevertouch Pro screens, using the OPS slot provided. This gave the client flexibility to install Zoom cloud video-conferencing software with a simple webcam solution. The interactive screens would effectively turn the boardroom into an incredibly simple to use video-conferencing space.

Featured Products

  • Clevertouch
  • Kramer
  • LG Display


Mediascape received excellent feedback from the client on the thorough and efficient service provided for their Glasgow office boardroom. The flexibility, ease of use and professional appearance of the Clevertouch Pro system has impressed the client so much that they are now in the process of rolling it out nationwide across all of their regional office meeting rooms. Our team is proud to have delivered such an effective solution for the client and have learned several lessons throughout the project that will influence our future work.

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