Collaborative workspace with touchscreen

Interactive Touchscreen Technology

New cloud based touchscreen technology is helping to create engaging virtual and in person classroom experiences

Our partners at Clevertouch are leading the way

The education sector has changed drastically in the last 2 years as we learned to cope with the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite how difficult this has been we have risen to the occasion & found innovative, and in some ways, more effective ways of learning.

Team using interactive touchscreen Advancements in technology have allowed the education sector to deliver engaging interactive learning sessions both virtually and in-person meaning students haven’t had to compromise on their learning. Some studies have shown that a hybrid approach to education can be beneficial for both students and universities by improving areas such as time management, accessibility & resource availability.

The Scottish Government has reiterated its support of hybrid learning by encouraging universities and colleges to use virtual learning where possible. Mediascape can ensure your virtual solutions are engaging as possible with Clevertouch.

With the pandemic coming to an end, we should ensure that we continue our innovation, this means continuing to improve how we deliver education and finding new ways to engage students. With Clevertouch, teachers and lecturers can deliver collaborative, memorable and engaging sessions that students can enjoy both in and out of the class. Students can use Clevertouch technology to take part in lessons more seamlessly ensuring all students find it easier to take part in a more inclusive classroom environment.

This is where large format touchscreen displays can provide a solution. This interactive technology will allow you to deliver more effective teaching sessions both in person and virtually be it in a lecture theatre, classroom or seminar room. Some applications of this technology include:

  •  Hybrid & in-person teaching sessions
  •  Collaborative group working
  •  Interactive whiteboard for design disciplines
  •  Interactive workshop sessions
  •  live message and video feed to the screen(s)
  •  Interactive screens for facilities (gyms, libraries, room bookings)

Clevertouch: Leading the Way

Clevertouch technology has several applications and can even be set up around your institution to deliver messages to students via our cloud-based digital signage system. This ensures your students are kept in the loop regarding school news, events, updates and any other forms of media you wish to share.

Man using interactive touchscreenAs we move back to our classrooms it might become apparent that some of our audiovisual setups are outdated and cannot cope with the demands of the current environment. At Mediascape, we can install the perfect AV solution using Clevertouch to maximise our service.

Our partners at Clevertouch have just opened a brand-new showroom in Livingston. Here they can demonstrate the many ways in which their cutting edge technology can help with all your educational needs. Visit the Clevertouch website here:

Alternatively, visit the Clevertouch youtube channel to view some of their key features in action: