Holograms in a museum

Holographic Display Systems

3D holograms have long been a staple of futuristic science fiction, but modern audio visual technology advancements are helping pave the way towards making them a reality.

Several AV manufacturers have been developing cutting edge display systems that allow for a holographic effect, bringing 2D and 3D graphics, images, and video into a whole new dimension.

Screen showing an hologram in an office Introducing HYPERVSN

HYPERVSN has been leading the way in making this technology accessible and achievable for businesses and is recognised as the global leader in cutting edge 3D holographic solutions.

Recently they launched a new generation platform called HYPERVSN SmartV. The SmartV product range offers a range of innovative features and benefits for businesses looking to make their digital displays more impactful and attention grabbing.
These Include:

  • Range of products in different sizes to suit any application (includes tripod/stand option)
  • 2D & 3D graphic projection
  • HDMI connection allows for easy integration with controls
  • Built on Android to allow for real-time rendering
  • Interactivity through camera, voice, tablet, or motion sensor controls
  • Sustainable solution – SmartV solutions on average consume 50% less energy than LED displays

Hologram of a donut in a coffee shop

As an approved installer for HYPERVSN products, Mediascape can provide holographic display solutions to suit a wide range of environments including:

  • Atrium and reception displays
  • Retail shopping displays
  • Interactive or informative displays for visitor attractions
  • Advertising displays


Mediascape is proud to be introducing the HYPERVSN SmartV product range to the Scottish market and we can’t wait to bring our customers’ visions to life with these innovative display solutions.

Hologram display in the streetLearn More

To find out more about HYPERVSN products or enquire about our AV audit and installations, get in touch with Mediascape today.

To view HYPERVSN technology watch the official youtube video here: HYPERVSN technology

View the HYPERVSN product range by downloading the PDF: HYPERVSN SmartV Brochure