Interactive screens in a workplace

New Samsung Fl!p Interactive White Board

The Mediascape Team had the opportunity to try out the features of the Samsung Flip Interactive Whiteboard thanks to our partnership with Exertis.

This technology allows business’s a new way to create collaborative meetings the flip has many clever features and designed to bring a new dimension to presentations, meetings & even advertising. This is the future for better colleague collaboration and help creativity to flow.

“Regardless of your industry or work environment, the Samsung Flip is the perfect addition for any meeting needs. The Flip’s diverse functionalities accommodate both creative and information-based operations, creating a more seamless and interactive team dynamic. Any market and team stands to benefit from the faster, clearer and more organized exchange of ideas now made possible by the Samsung Flip.”

To find out how your business can benefit from the Fl!p contact Mediascape on 0141 333 0110.

samsung Fl!p white board