5 Key Benefits of AV-Enabled Hybrid Working

  • Hybrid working provides many benefits for businesses.
  • AV solutions like Video Conferencing can help to facilitate this approach
  • Mediascape provides a range of AV solutions for the workplace

Now that the hybrid working model has been shown to work and many businesses have adopted it, other organisations may be in the position of considering it.

Back near the end of 2020 and after several months of COVID-19 lockdown, the phrase being thrown around in the press was ‘the New Normal’.  For businesses this undoubtedly refers to how they will need to facilitate hybrid working themselves or adapt to a new environment where many of their clients and competitors have adopted this structure.

Some people may initially be hesitant or sceptical, however there are many factors that allow for remote or hybrid working to benefit a business, both from a financial standpoint and one of employee wellbeing and productivity.

1. Health at the forefront

The mental and physical wellbeing of staff has become a bigger priority than ever and that was even before the pandemic hit. A hybrid approach allows for employees to reprioritise the all-important work-life balance, while allowing smaller teams to operate within your premises to reduce contact time between employees where physical distancing is a concern. 

Having the flexibility of an AV-enabled hybrid workplace provides continuity of work across home and the office so you can focus on keeping facilities clean and allow employees to balance their work and home lives.

2. Downsize your square-footage 

Something many businesses have found during lockdown was the cost saving associated with working from home versus running a full office. Switching to hybrid working can allow you to downsize office space and require fewer meeting rooms. 

It also means less travel to and from client meetings, which helps employees save on their commute if that is a concern. Investing in AV systems like video conferencing can yield long-term savings if it means your company is able to move to smaller, more affordable premises, or even go completely remote.

3. Creating collaboration 

The greatest step in AV tech over the past decade by far has been the introduction of cloud-based IT systems. On a cloud-based system, your team can work seamlessly across home and the office, reaping the benefits of each while simultaneously working quicker and easier than before. 

This is especially beneficial across large, disparate organisations where work needs to be collaborated on in real-time by teams working miles apart. A hybrid workplace also allows for greater working between mixed permanent and freelance teams, as well as and between your business and your clients.

4. Environmental impact 

An underappreciated benefit of remote and hybrid working is the effect on the planet. In a time where carbon footprint is of greater concern than ever, some companies may want to take the approach of downsizing their premises to lower energy consumption and reduce the need for employees to commute. 

5. Flexibility and adaptability 

Hopefully nothing like COVID happens again, but after the trials and tribulations of 2020, businesses will now be better prepared if it does. The hybrid model keeps businesses agile and ready to adapt to difficult circumstances. It also helps when workers may struggle to come into the office due to sickness or injury, in case of emergency or if they are providing care to someone. 

Plus, AV systems can better enable collaborative, cloud-based working that lowers paper consumption. If a business is looking to prioritise its environmental impact and reduce its carbon footprint, then AV-enabled hybrid working can be an excellent place to start.

It also allows businesses to hire staff based much further away who can work remotely. The world learned a very quick lesson in adaptability during lockdown, so carrying forward a dynamic and flexible approach through hybrid working will pay dividends in many circumstances.  

To integrate an AV-enabled hybrid working model into your business, working with a specialist AV supplier will provide the flexibility to create the ideal setup for your specific requirements with access to an extensive range of products from leading manufacturers.

Integrating AV Technology

You may wish to discuss a full suite of new AV solutions for each aspect of your business, or simply wish to upgrade your existing AV capability as part of an office-wide renovation. Whatever your requirements, the team at Mediascape can be there to help.

Mediascape Ltd is Scotland’s leading, full-service audio visual specialist. We have a dedicated team of professionals operating across the country able to design, supply install and maintain a full range of AV solutions for your business.

We specialise in delivering bespoke solutions tailored to each business, so you can be sure that we will coordinate the best solution to fit your hybrid working approach that empowers your workforce while staying ahead of current technologies and AV innovations.

The best way to find out what we can provide for you is to get in touch and discuss your requirements.

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