5 Ways to Enable Hybrid Working Using AV Equipment

  • Hybrid working requires quick and clear communication which aids good collaboration
  • AV solutions can be quickly integrated into your premises to allow for efficient hybrid working
  • Mediascape offers a range of hybrid working AV solutions from a wide pool of expert suppliers

In a hybrid working environment, businesses require a common equipment setup across their entire workforce, no matter where they are. Not only will this enable better use of cloud-based, collaborative software, but also ensure quick and seamless communication across internal teams and external clients.

As the hybrid model has become more widespread over the past 2 years, so too has the need for Audio Visual solutions that provide communication and collaboration, while also offering additional features that improve productivity, or at the very least bring businesses up to speed with the latest technologies.

Our previous blog posts discussed why hybrid working has become the norm and the benefits of adopting this approach. Now we want to explore how AV systems such as digital screens, video conferencing setups and custom-built collaboration spaces can allow for an efficient, productive and dynamic way of working.

1. Putting productivity front and centre

Networked AV systems make collaboration easier than ever for your workforce, no matter if they are in the office or based remotely. This kind of setup might involve huddle rooms where devices can be connected to digital screens, or boardrooms with conference call and video conferencing capability.

Investing in the most current systems will keep the video conferencing/streaming quality high and will allow for quick calls with clients and other branches of your business that save commuting time between face-to-face meetings.

Over the past year, many office workers will have found they can work just as productively at home, so keeping things flexible through fast, efficient AV-enabled collaboration can help the overall productivity and morale of your team.

2. Keep things engaging

Video conferencing alone can become stale – we’ve all experienced “Zoom fatigue” at some point during lockdown and working from home. By utilising innovative AV systems such as interactive touchscreens or ‘Bring-Your-Own-Device’ (BYOD) rooms, you can keep meetings dynamic and engaging for your team.

3. Create an impression

Remote and hybrid working is here to stay for a lot of businesses, which means many of your clients or potential prospects will be adopting the approach. This brings an expectation for high-quality video conferencing capabilities, cloud-based collaboration and meeting rooms with top-end digital screens for delivering presentations.

Investing in AV systems is more about stepping in line with the times however, as they can allow you to simply create a good first impression by showing that your company makes the audio visual side of meetings and collaborative working as intuitive and high-fidelity as possible.

4. Streamlining your hybrid working

Integrated AV systems, designed by an experienced AV supplier, can help to streamline your stock of office equipment and devices required for remote or on-site working. Businesses can also enable better room booking and meeting scheduling through display panels.

Further streamlining things is the capability for AV systems to improve wayfinding for on-site visitors, with everything from digital displays to touchscreen panels allowing for contact-free check-in on your premises.

5. Connectivity at the core

What AV equipment does best within the workplace is keep people connected. For all the advantages of hybrid working, the downside is reduced in-person interaction between employees, managers and client alike.

However, by employing integrated AV systems companies can restore the visual interaction of the workplace, keeping people connected through face-to-face meetings and working sessions over video conferencing and digital streaming.

This is by far the best way solution to allow for remote working without sacrificing the human interaction that is so important for employee motivation, mental health and satisfaction, as well as for personable interactions between different businesses.

Integrating AV Technology

You may be looking for a full suite of new AV solutions for each division of your business, or to simply upgrade your existing AV capability. Whatever your requirements, the team at Mediascape is here to help.

Mediascape Ltd is Scotland’s leading, full-service audio visual specialist. We have a dedicated team of professionals operating across the country able to design, supply install and maintain a full range of AV solutions for your business.

We specialise in delivering bespoke solutions tailored to each business, so you can be sure that we will coordinate the best solution to fit your hybrid working approach that empowers your workforce while staying ahead of current technologies and AV innovations.

The best way to find out what we can provide for you is to get in touch and discuss your requirements.

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