The Future of Video Conferencing in Healthcare Industry

Technology has always been at the centre of medical innovations. Throughout the years, technology has contributed to the medical industry on both sides: patients and professionals. At a time, when social distancing is among the major measures used to fight COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth is stepping-up as a key technology for safe and efficient communications.

The rise of video conferencing used for medical care holds a lot of potential for the future of consultations. Also known as "telehealth", this new approach to medical communication utilises video conferencing and presents many benefits, especially in the context of a pandemic like the current COVID-19 crisis.

Cost and Time Optimisation

As video-consultations require fewer resources such as material and supplies and are more time-effective, and in the private healthcare industry, they could be offered at a cheaper and more affordable price than physical consultations.

Doctors are also using their time more efficiently and could reduce their commuting time, as well as their costs associated with attending meetings or training.

Faster Diagnosis

Telehealth offers the possibility of a quicker communication process between professionals and quicker access to knowledge. This not only benefits professionals but also provides patients with quicker, better, and more informed care. Flexibility is also extremely important in this kind of instance to add in multiple participants in the call, for example, an interpreter, a physician, or a specialist which would not usually be typically arranged as part of a normal consultation.

Safe and Accessible Care

An immediate benefit of telehealth is for patients who are unable to reach the appropriate facilities. Whether they are suffering from reduced mobility, health conditions or simply have no way to visit a professional, virtual consultations allow them to receive medical care and help instantly.

In our current context of Coronavirus, telehealth is of tremendous help to the medical industry, as it allows infected patients to be supervised and regularly checked on without putting themselves or others at risk. It allows people with symptoms or potentially infected patients who have not yet received a diagnosis to consult with professionals and receive appropriate help and advice.

For vulnerable people such as the elderly or people with underlying health issues who are or are not infected, telehealth is a solution for them to stay safe and still receive medical attention without putting themselves at risk.

In the medical industry, technology is ever changing in response to the apparition of new challenges. Telehealth demand is growing fast in the industry and shows great benefits to professionals and patients alike, interconnecting them in more efficient ways to exchange knowledge and offer care and attention at a larger scale and in challenging times.

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