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Audio Systems

Audio Systems

The team at Mediascape has been designing and installing audio systems for over thirty years. In that time, technology has improved immensely but the basics have remained the same. The principles of great sound reproduction have not changed and that is where our team's experience begins to show.

Mediascape designs and installs audio systems for large venues, lecture theatres, meeting spaces, pubs and bars, public areas and nightclubs. These are designed to meet your company's specific requirements. We can provide audio systems in the following areas:

Background Audio

When used correctly, background audio can create the perfect atmosphere for your venue. Careful system design is a key way of achieving this. Mediascape has a wealth of experience in this field, offering a wide range of background music systems that can be designed for a single zone or a much larger venue with up to 32 distinct audio zones.

Foreground Audio

Foreground music is intended for active listening that will grab customers' attention and engage them. These sound systems demand higher levels of volume and give a clear distortion-free sound.

Live Sound

A live sound system usually consists of a mixing console, professional power amplifiers, signal processing and microphones. A high-quality speaker system is essential and would normally include front of house speakers, stage monitor speakers and infill speakers for larger venues to give a more even sound throughout. Our bespoke live systems are designed specifically for your venue and budget.

PA Systems

Mediascape can design and install everything from a simple public address system to a digital PA over IP system that can integrate with your company's phone system and evacuation alarm. Our PA systems are individually designed to suit your company's needs, no matter the industry or application.

Hearing Assistance

Hearing assistance is available in three main types: Infrared (IR), Radio Frequency (RF), or Loop systems. There are several factors to consider when designing and installing a hearing assistance system, including the number of people who will use the system, aesthetics and of course, budget. Mediascape can help in all areas and even supply portable induction loops.

Mediascape can provide audio systems from some of the world's top audio manufacturers, including:


  • Sennheiser

    For more than 70 years Sennheiser has been producing the highest quality products across all areas of sound recording, transmission and reproduction.

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  • Audio Technica

    Audio-Technica—Audio pioneer in high-performance sound design.

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  • Bose

    Bose maintains an exceptionally strong commitment to research, for it is within the discipline of research that yesterday’s fiction becomes tomorrow’s reality.

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  • Tannoy

    Today, Tannoy is the brand name that can be found on many prestigious sound installations throughout the world.

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  • Biamp


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  • Shure


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