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Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Digital Signage allows information, advertising and other forms of messages to be shown via an electronic display. This allows businesses and organisations to easily convey, update and change information freely for staff and customers, using all types of multimedia content from video and live news feeds to scrolling text and graphics.

Because large, dynamic displays engage customers so effectively, and because the price of the hardware has dropped considerably over recent years, their usage is now common in many shopping centres and high street retail units. It's not surprising that large digital signage displays have also been adopted in corporate environments to make reception areas stand out.

  • Adding touch-sensitive capability to digital signage provides an interface for visitors to search for information, register details or ask questions.
  • Integrating voice recognition technology can allow users to verbally request information through digital display systems.
  • Large-scale LED panel systems are now capable of very high resolutions and bright enough to shine out rich detail even in very high ambient light conditions.

The capabilities and possibilities for digital signage are expanding every day.

At Mediascape Ltd, we have the expertise to create, supply, install and train staff on all aspects of Digital Signage, transforming your spaces into a world of ever-changing information. We can offer a wide range of signage options to meet your budget, your preferences and your site's requirements.

Mediascape can provide a range of digital signage products from leading manufacturers including:


  • Onelan

    ONELAN is a leader in the development & management of technology solutions for digital visual communication, including applications such as digital signage, wayfinding, data visualisation and room bookings.

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  • TriplePlay

    Tripleplay’s solutions are designed to ensure they are simple to work with, securely integrate with IT systems for network and IT managers and are user friendly for use by business professionals; a true AV/IT technology.

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  • BrightSign

    BrightSign players offer a state-of-the-art industrial design with a sleek look, efficient front and back port access, and an ultra-thin form-factor that easily fits into any digital signage application.

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  • Sedao


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