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Exterity systems are deployed globally by some of the most recognized brands in the world, enabling the distribution of broadcast quality digital TV and video over IP networks to an unlimited number of end points. With centralised management, configuration and control, Exterity solutions support large volumes of content and devices without compromising system performance or availability.

Exterity design, develop and manufacture their own entire end-to-end IP video and digital signage solutions in the UK, so they have complete control over every step of the process. This ensures the highest standards of quality control and technical excellence, as well as continuous investment and product range development. Exterity holds the prestigious ISO9001 certification for quality management systems, which is a reflection of the company's commitment to quality assurance across their entire operations. Using sustainable, eco-friendly design principles, Exterity also aim to minimize overall environmental impact, through lower power consumption, flame-retardant housing, more efficient packaging and better recyclability, all of which not only reduce environmental impact, but also lower operating costs.

Exterity has hardware and software products that support every stage of the IP video workflow. Their end-to-end solutions enable you to capture TV and video content directly from any source and manage its delivery, as channels or within digital signage, to any connected device on your existing network, as well as beyond the corporate LAN via WAN, Wi-Fi and the Internet to any device, in any location. Exterity have an extensive range of TV gateways, Encoders, Transcoders, Origin Server and set-top Media Player decoders are seamlessly integrated and controlled via their dedicated AvediaServer, guaranteeing a superb level of robustness and reliability.


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Mediascape Ltd designs, supplies, installs and maintains integrated Audio-Visual systems throughout central Scotland.

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