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Lecture Capture

Lecture Capture

If you're familiar with recent trends in the field of Education, you've probably heard the term "lecture capture" tossed around. But what does it actually mean?

Put simply, "lecture capture" is any technology with the ability to record (or "capture") lecture content and make it available in a digital format. It sounds simple, but lecture capture technology is actually very powerful.

The advancement of digital technology presents valuable opportunities for educational institutions and students alike, and lecture capture is an essential component to making it all work.

Why use lecture capture?

Lecture capture is not intended as a replacement for in-class instruction; however, it does offer significant advantages to enhance the learning experiences of students.

Course content can be delivered to students located internationally or to those who can't be present in the classroom. By providing the flexibility to access the recorded lecture from any location, whenever they like, students have much more control over their learning.

Captured lecture content available online offers value because the material is available whenever students need it. For example, a sick student can safely miss their lecture to stay and home and recover without missing any course content, or a busy student can review captured learning material during a stressful exam period. The ability to easily access course content online at any time is incredibly beneficial for learners.

Facilitates blended learning course delivery. Blending learning is just as it sounds: combining more than one type of learning method into a program, such as combining traditional face-to-face course delivery with online learning. This kind of hybrid program is enticing to students and educators alike because it adds much-valued flexibility to course delivery and allows program customization to include both independent and collaborative learning techniques.

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