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Epson have built their range of projects on a simple philosophy of innovation. Each projector is designed with a specific sector and function in mind marrying the very best of functionality with a keen design aesthetic making their range some of the most eye-catching projectors on the market.

Epson, is one of the world's largest and most sophisticated manufacturers of projection systems. To those unfamiliar with the Audio-Visual market the choice in the Epson range may seem bewildering and perhaps overwhelming, that is because each projector in their range exists for a reason. When choosing the correct projector, the variables can be enormous, size of room, size of screen, distance from screen, how bright or dark the room is, the aspect ratio of the projected image, how often the projector is used etc. The Epson range covers all the bases.

Whether for the classroom or the boardroom Epson have designed a projector for exactly the purpose desired taking into account the numerous demands and wants of each sector to deliver a world class product that is both unbeatable in terms of value but also at the cutting edge of design and style.

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