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Video Conferencing and Collaboration

Video Conferencing and Collaboration

It's now clear to us that in a digital workplace, collaboration and teamwork are facilitated by technology and equipment, rather than by a physical location.

Even if your business was one of those that were already on board with collaborative technology, you've seen first-hand just how much people rely on each other when they can't be in the same office or work environment. That's where video conferencing comes in as the key solution to future collaboration.

We are social and crave connections with other people. Video conferencing allows you to effortlessly collaborate with external teams and employees while having the advantage of screen sharing collaboration that you wouldn't have in a typical meeting setting.

More and more businesses are being compelled towards a 'new normal' virtual way of working and to adopt a 'hybrid' workplace which supports both remote working/private workspaces and on-premise office working.

Mediascape can help you confidently embed the right infrastructure and hardware into your workplace from the home to your professional team meeting rooms, compatible with any cloud-based video platform.

Video conferencing provides essential visual feedback to conversations and meetings held between people in diverse areas. Video conferencing systems are invaluable in connecting people in a virtual yet surprisingly personal sense, over large distances.

Whether it's upgrading existing installations or installing a new system, we have the technology! The latest digital IP systems overcome the bandwidth limitations of conventional ISDN video conferencing, providing crystal clear sound and vision so you can all be in the same room, without having to be in the same room.

Our team can advise you on the best solution to meet your needs. We tailor solutions considering your room size, audience numbers, preferred platform, and your overall required functionality and will provide you with options to suit your budget.

When designing your systems, we will look at the best fit for you providing the following range of equipment:

All in one Collaboration Bars

One step further

Now that the world is connecting from Boardroom to Home office the means of effective collaboration is at the forefront of everyone's minds. By Integrating an Interactive Touch Screen into your Video Conferencing set up you can provide an environment capable of real-time content annotation, infinite whiteboards for brainstorming and more.

We can specify the Interactive screen that suits your requirement from well-known manufactures such as Clevertouch, Ctouch, Smart to name but a few.

Add a Visualiser or Document camera to your setup and enjoy the additional presentation options it brings.

If your meeting or training session/lesson requires a closer focus on physical objects, documents, or practical demonstration a visualiser can be positioned to capture from different heights, angles, and orientations.

You can even zoom in on the document or object using the camera. Mediascape has great relationships with the leading manufacturers such as Wolfvision, Avervision and Epson.

Cloud-based software will allow the image to be shown as content whilst the presenter's image remains via their video conferencing camera.

Codec VC

Mediascape have been installing Codec Based Video Conferencing Systems for years. These systems offer high-quality professional Video calling but do rely on Codecs at both the source and destination to provide a communication link. The most common Codec video conferencing applications are H.264, H.261 and H.263+.

Our experience with this more traditional type of Video Conferencing has been developed over many years and our relationships with the leading manufacturers such as Cisco, Poly and Lifesize allow us to access the best on-premise-based solution for your business.

Whether you are in the corporate, commercial, education, healthcare, or retail sectors, we can provide you with the tools that your business needs to get the absolute most out of the now absolutely essential video conferencing systems.


  • Poly

    Poly is a global leader in unified communications (UC) solutions with industry leading telepresence, video, voice and Poly UC Intelligent Core infrastructure solutions all built on open standards.

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  • Logitec

    Logitech is transforming video conferencing by offering an easy and affordable way to collaborate, with crystal-clear audio and razor-sharp video. Logitech products deliver exceptional performance, business certifications, and award-winning design.

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  • Cisco

    Take collaboration to the next level. Our right-sized solutions are easy to use, manage, and deploy. Empower your employees, customers, and partners to collaborate anywhere, on any device, from browser to the boardroom.

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