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Audio-Visual equipment is an essential part of efficient wayfinding within a space. This is true for almost any interior space as wayfinding information needs to be conveyed as clearly and effectively as possible in order to help customers, visitors and staff. Any kind of business can benefit from AV wayfinding products, from retail stores and shopping centres to university/college campuses to commercial office blocks.

Wayfinding products include everything from digital signage and commercial LCD displays to audio intercom/announcement systems - the exact solution really depends on the requirements of a business and the specification of the space.

When working with Mediascape, we will help to develop a bespoke solution that fits your needs, sourcing products from a range of top manufacturers. We will deliver the ideal wayfinding solution to help with navigation and people flow around your premises - something that is especially important in a post-COVID world.

Mediascape can provide a range of wayfinding AV systems from leading manufacturers including:


  • Clevertouch


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  • Samsung


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  • Onelan


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Mediascape Ltd designs, supplies, installs and maintains integrated Audio-Visual systems throughout central Scotland.

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