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Wireless/ BYOD

Wireless/ BYOD

Collaborative Multi-User Meetings

Because many users can connect to our wireless-presentation system, collaborative or open forum presentations are much more seamless. Employees can connect their devices to the system and take turns and toggle between devices with ease.

No more messy tables & cables

Wireless presentation units rule out the need to have unsightly tables with cables left lying around as well as scrambling around on your hands and knees to find the correct cable.

Integrates with any technology

Wireless presentation systems connect with any computer or smart mobile device, meaning that no matter what devices your employees have, or what AV equipment is installed in your meeting room, the system will still work perfectly.

Cost efficient and scalable

When you are using any wireless presenter, any room can be turned into a meeting room with AV capabilities - eliminating the problems faced by having to share just one expensive conference room. The system can be used to enhance larger conference rooms, but its flexibility in smaller spaces makes it truly worth the investment.


  • Bose

    “A Lot of people put a lot of thought into our products. But we all do it with just one person in mind: you. That’s why we decided to manufacture ear cushions from a synthetic protein leather. And wrap headbands in Alcantara.

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  • Sennheiser

    For us, good sound is not enough. We want to achieve the perfect sound. We want to make sound come alive.

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  • JBL

    No matter where you go in this world, you will find JBL Installed Sound Speaker Systems at many of the worlds most notable Venues. With that kind of global prospective, JBL has come to respect the one indisputable truth of business.

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  • Ampetronic

    Established in 1987, Ampetronic are innovators in the full range of induction loop / hearing loop systems and technologies, working as specialists in the field for 30 years.

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