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What Is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a digital display used to broadcast multimedia content to your audience for different purposes. It can be one of the best investments for gym owners to make, no matter the size or scope of their facilities.

Gyms are often noisy and busy environments, so having necessary information conveyed visually is vital. By installing digital signage in your gym, you can display content that is eye-catching, stimulating and engaging for your members at all times of the day. You can even tailor the content shown for specific times or a regular schedule, updating as necessary.

From live news feeds to promotional adverts, there are many different applications for digital displays within a gym environment.

10 Reasons for Using Digital Signage in Your Gym:

  • Welcoming Members

Digital signage can be an excellent way to greet people to your gym, whether they’re current members or visitors looking to try it out. Using either free-standing or wall-mounted signs, you can show off footage of people in action, display membership options or even promote your newest product or piece of equipment. You can really grab people’s attention and make a great first impression straight away.

  • Entertainment and News

In a bustling gym environment, many people are looking for distractions. This could be either to keep their mind busy while using an exercise machine or to have something entertaining for during their cool down.People cycling at the gym

Many gyms already utilise digital screens to show live news broadcasts or television, but the options are wide and varied -how about showing your own playlist of music videos to give members a great soundtrack to their workout, or using your screens to show local news and updates from your community? The choice is yours!

  • Class and Club Information

When your gym offers exercise classes or is home to a sports club, it’s important to keep all members and visitors informed of when everything is running. You may already have timetables and information printed or available on your website, but also showing this on digital screens throughout your gym will act as a good reminder, or even pique the interest of potential new sign-ups or attendees.

  • Upsell Gym Services and Membership

Another advantage to using digital signage is presenting your membership options, special offers and gym services – such as personal trainers, physiotherapy and classes. High impact digital ads can be far more effective than printed posters and you have the option to show video clips alongside it.

  • List of Products and Food

Some gyms have in-house cafes and health foods available for purchase, with some even selling their own branded equipment and sportswear. Using digital screens to promote these products and any special offers can be a good way to capture people’s attention and drive sales.

People working out at the gymYou could even have the menu for your gym’s café displayed on a digital screen, which offers flexibility with how it is displayed and makes your options clear and prominent to readers.

  • Useful Advice

Digital displays can also be used in a gym to show information relevant to your members and users. This could be short videos showing how to use equipment or do a certain workout, to help people over the fear of trying new equipment and educating proper use to avoid injury.

  • Safety and Guidelines

An important way to use digital signage within a gym is to display safety notices and guidelines on using equipment and policies you may have in place regarding conduct or etiquette. Of course, all gyms will have appropriate health policies in case of any mishaps or issues, but it always helps to remind people of risks and good conduct. Digital signage can really help to keep gym users informed.

  • Changes and Temporary Signage

Following on from the points above, whenever there is an issue with equipment needing repair or areas within the gym that need to be kept off-limits, your digital signage can be an excellent way of updating members.

Additionally, if there are any changes to regular classes, opening times or anything else, it helps to have this displayed on your digital screens for maximum exposure. Any and all temporary signage can easily be reinforced by having your messages displayed on screens throughout the gym.

  • Social Media

One way of utilising digital signage can be to show your gym’s live social feeds on social media. This adds excitement and engagement to everyday gym activity, as posts from both members and the gym itself can be shown on the screens for all to see.

Gym equipmentThis could either be by adding weekly updates from the gym’s Facebook or Instagram feeds, or having a live Twitter ticker showing what people are saying about your gym. Engaging with your members in this way can be a fun way of growing a loyal and thriving gym community.

  • Advertising and Promotion

The last of our top reasons for using digital signage in your gym is for advertising and promotional purposes. By having digital screens throughout your gym, you can show off local ads, sponsored content or promoted products you may be offering as part of a partnership. This could end up being an important source of revenue for your gym and is made much easier through using digital signage.

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