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Bring your business into the new era with integrated AV systems from Mediascape. 

Businesses of all kinds require Audio-Visual equipment for the modern office environment. Whether it’s to facilitate hybrid working between on and off-site employees, the delivery of digital presentations and meetings, or better wayfinding for visitors, AV solutions more than come into their own in the Corporate sector. Utilising the latest technologies for audio and video communication, wireless networking and visual display and projection, businesses can hope to improve many aspects of their premises for staff members, clients and visitors alike.   

Mediascape provides a range of AV solutions tailored to the Corporate sector, including: 

  • Meeting room, boardroom and conference suite equipment
  • Collaboration and huddle room fitting
  • Digital displays for atriums and reception areas
  • Communications and central control systems 

Take a look below to see some of the AV solutions we can offer for offices, business centres and more.  

Corporate premises have a range of spaces and facilities that can be enhanced by AV systems, each requiring a distinct approach. From shared visitor/welcome areas and team rooms to conference suites and everything in between, Mediascape can provide AV systems for each of the following applications: 

Mediascape Solutions

  • Atriums and Reception

    In this busy world, it is increasingly harder to get people’s attention. So, having modern AV solutions in your atrium or reception creates that positive first impression for new visitors whilst providing engaging communications.

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  • Boardroom and Conference Rooms

    Our specialists work with you to design bespoke, inspiring, and relevant boardroom AV systems to increase employee or client engagement in a space where important decisions are made and collaboration is key

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  • Collaboration Spaces

    These days, collaboration means more than meeting in a conference room for a brainstorming session. Many businesses are now completely redesigning their workspaces to promote more fluid communication and working synergy among employees.

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  • Health & Safety Solutions

    Health and safety have always been important, but since the COVID-19 Pandemic, we’ve become more aware of this than ever. As social distancing has become a household term, there are new health and safety measures that are needed communicated effectively.

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  • Meeting Rooms

    Whether you’re developing a space especially for hybrid working, or tailoring the room for video conferencing with clients, our custom AV solutions will allow you to create innovative and highly functional meeting rooms.

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  • Remote & Hybrid Working

    Most office spaces require the extensive integration of AV systems to help create a connected, versatile and efficient working environment. This has become more important as businesses move towards working from home, or a hybrid approach of both remote

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