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Leading the way in interactive solutions that enhance communication and redefine the way we work and learn.

Elevating Education, Empowering Collaboration

SMART isn’t just about technology; it’s about delivering a holistic experience that enhances educational and corporate settings, enabling people to excel in their roles with confidence and precision.

From building immersive learning experiences which ignite students’ engagement to facilitating seamless collaboration and communication within your team, SMART empowers you to create functional and dynamic workspaces while providing with the support you need to fully leverage the capabilities of the products.

With our shared passion for AV technologies and commitment to delivering outstanding customer service, Mediascape and SMART can help you elevate your audiovisual experiences to new heights and make the most of innovative AV solutions for your business.

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SMART Boards For Educational Settings

With decades of experience and expertise in educational technology, SMART is uniquely positioned to keep up with emerging pedagogies and inspires educators to harness AV technology in innovative ways through regular webinars and training sessions.

SMART displays are designed to ensure that teachers can easily use them so they can focus on what matters most: creating interactive and immersive spaces for the pupils and making their learning experience more enjoyable.

Whether you’re looking to engage pupils and improve learning outcomes or effectively collaborate with your teams – regardless of their location – SMART provides bespoke AV technology to make your job simpler, foster efficient teamwork and maximise learners’ engagement and achievement.

SMART Boards For Corporate Settings

As AV technologies are taking centre stage in today’s business world, effective collaboration demands more than slideshows and chats. Innovative opportunities redefine workspaces, combining physical and digital setups for dynamic and productive environments.

Employers now prioritise interactive collaborations, leveraging technology, intentional design and modern AV systems to improve their productivity and communication within their team. People who have access to digital collaboration tools are up to 17% more satisfied with their job and workplace culture.

SMART solutions support real-time collaboration and seamless communication while enhancing brainstorming and content manipulation for increased productivity and idea flow.


SMART Best Sellers

Create interactive spaces for everyone with SMART’s exclusive touch technology that allows your students to write, erase, touch, and gesture simultaneously, across various platforms and applications, without disrupting other users’ tool preferences.


GX Series

The SMART Board® GX series display offers all the essential technical features you need to dive into interactive learning.

It seamlessly integrates SMART’s powerful software with innovative interactive technology, delivering an unmatched multi-user experience.


MX Series

SMART changed the game with the MX Series, a display that offers value and capability that other brands just can’t touch.

The SMART Board® MX series intuitively recognises what tool you’re using, and is smart enough to maintain your pen choice across files and apps, making it effortless for teachers and students to transition between programs.


MX Pro Series

The display is an all-in-one tool that allows high-performance teams to easily interact and collaborate from any location, anytime.

The SMART Board® MX Pro series features all the interactive tools teams need to collaborate, co-create and drive decisions faster.


QX Pro Series

This all-in-one performance display is specifically designed for the dynamic needs of the modern hybrid workplace.

The SMART Board® QX Pro series is everything you need to deliver a seamless interactive and collaborative meeting experience.

SMART Customer stories

Find stories of teachers, students, and school communities connecting through the power of technology and human connection. See the impact that great EdTech can make.

Strategic tech planning for long term success at Benhurst Primary School 

Inspired by shared core values, a passionate community and a dynamic head teacher, Benhurst Primary School in Essex undertook a comprehensive technology enhancement throughout the entire school. This initiative has improved school performance and children’s confidence and helped prepare students for future employment opportunities.

Children are already inspired. They come to school with a love of learning, a love of life. Our job is to continue that journey.

Making meetings more effective

VEGA’s workforce, involved in intricate manufacturing procedures, relies on measurement technology on a daily basis.

As a renowned global expert in level and pressure sensors, VEGA employs approximately 1,800 experts across 30 locations worldwide. From Australia and Asia to America, many meeting rooms now feature SMART boards. This preference comes from the employees’ genuine interest in working with this technology, often requesting it specifically.

You have the log function and documentation practically at the push of a button. That makes a lot of things easier and increases the efficiency of the collaboration immensely. We did not find the same range of functions with other products.

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Our innovative audiovisual solutions, powered by SMART, enable you to create immersive environments that engage participants and spark creativity in corporate or educational settings. We can equip your spaces with interactive displays, allowing teams or students to brainstorm, annotate, and share ideas in real time.

With Mediascape and SMART, you’ll empower your workforce to collaborate effortlessly, share knowledge seamlessly, and elevate your business to new heights. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.