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  • Atriums and Reception

    In this busy world, it is increasingly harder to get people’s attention. So, having modern AV solutions in your atrium or reception creates that positive first impression for new visitors whilst providing engaging communications.

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  • Auditorium and Events

    Perfectly optimising your auditorium or event space requires both high-quality digital display and quality sound control working simultaneously to deliver presentations or live broadcasts to the highest and most professional standards.

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  • Blended Learning Solutions

    In the new normal, blended learning has become an important way to keep everyone safe while continuing their education. However, the online portion of blended learning is only as good as the tools and technology that are behind it.

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  • Boardroom and Conference Rooms

    Our specialists work with you to design bespoke, inspiring, and relevant boardroom AV systems to increase employee or client engagement in a space where important decisions are made and collaboration is key

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  • Central Control

    For any facility that requires management of security, access, lighting, signaling or monitoring of equipment and systems through a central control room, Audio-Visual technologies are necessary to provide real-time information.

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  • Collaboration Spaces

    These days, collaboration means more than meeting in a conference room for a brainstorming session. Many businesses are now completely redesigning their workspaces to promote more fluid communication and working synergy among employees.

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  • Health & Safety Solutions

    Health and safety have always been important, but since the COVID-19 Pandemic, we’ve become more aware of this than ever. As social distancing has become a household term, there are new health and safety measures that are needed communicated effectively.

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  • Healthcare Solutions

    Mediascape can provide bespoke AV solutions tailored for healthcare settings, combining technologies that improve the experience for both professionals and patients.

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  • Information Communication

    Whether it’s directions, announcements, schedules or general information, we will design your bespoke solution and will install with ease using only the best equipment from our chosen brand partners.

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  • Lecture Theatres

    If you’re looking to modernize the lecture experience for students, there are many Audio-Visual technologies that can work in unison to provide a comprehensive solution.

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  • Meeting Rooms

    Whether you’re developing a space especially for hybrid working, or tailoring the room for video conferencing with clients, our custom AV solutions will allow you to create innovative and highly functional meeting rooms.

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  • Multi-Disciplinary Team Rooms

    In whatever capacity they are used for, MDT rooms require Audio-Visual equipment to display important clinical or administrative information and facilitate smooth communication

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  • Remote & Hybrid Working

    Most office spaces require the extensive integration of AV systems to help create a connected, versatile and efficient working environment. This has become more important as businesses move towards working from home, or a hybrid approach of both remote

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  • Simulation Suites

    Clinical simulation suites have become an essential asset for the NHS and the wider healthcare profession. Simulating the layouts and typical scenarios of clinical wards allows staff to train, study and practice in an interactive, hands-on way

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  • Teaching Spaces

    The modern classroom looks very different to that of a few years ago. Technology is not only expected, but often required to provide a flexible and adaptable teaching environIntegrate AV systems to create innovative teaching rooms, suites, labs and more.

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  • Training Room Solutions

    Mediascape can provide bespoke AV solutions tailored to training environments, combining technologies that improve the experience for both educators and trainees.

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  • Video Walls

    Video walls are taking digital screens and signage to the next level to create an exciting and attention-grabbing feature for your space. These can be any size or shape, with video content playing out across multiple screens to create larger-scale visuals

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