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Remote & Hybrid Working

Improve collaboration among a remote or hybrid workforce using AV systems. 

Audio-Visual technologies have become a key component of the modern workplace. Most office spaces now require the extensive integration of AV systems to help create a connected, versatile and efficient working environment. This has become even more important as many businesses move towards working from home, or a hybrid approach of both remote and on-site working. 

AV technologies like video and audio conferencing are required to facilitate this and provide fluid, real-time communication and collaboration across a disparate workforce. This helps to provide real-time collaboration and communication between on-site and remote members of staff, as well as when providing virtual meetings with clients.

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While perfectly suited to the office environment, any kind of workspace in any kind of business or organisation can benefit from AV solutions for remote & hybrid working. This applies to sectors including: 

  • Corporate sector
  • Public sector
  • Education administration
  • Healthcare administration
  • Sports & Leisure organisations 

Mediascape can help you to create an office environment built especially for hybrid working, or provide peripheral equipment to allow staff to take part in video conferencing while working remotely. We provide custom AV systems to meet the unique needs of your business, whether you need networked spaces for collaboration, livestreaming equipment for presentations, seminars and conference calls, or anything else needed to improve your team’s hybrid working capabilities. Our solutions are formed from a wide range of products and systems from leading manufacturers, which you can find out more about below.

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  • Video Conferencing and Collaboration

    Video conferencing and virtual meeting technology allows you to effortlessly collaborate with external teams and employees.

  • Audio Systems

    Mediascape Ltd has been designing and installing audio systems for over 30 years. We design and install audio systems to suit all requirements.

  • Commercial Displays

    Commercial displays can allow businesses to showcase high-resolution visuals, from pre-rendered video and live feeds to customer information and graphics.

  • Room Booking Systems

    Room booking systems allow you to manage your meeting rooms and shared workspaces effectively.

  • Wireless Presentation

    Wireless Systems offer total flexibility without loss of quality. The “Bring Your Own Device” technology provides accessibility without unsightly cables.

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