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Teaching Spaces

Integrate AV systems to create innovative teaching rooms, suites, labs and more. 

The modern classroom looks very different to that of a few years ago. Technology is not only expected, but often required to provide a flexible and adaptable teaching environment. Audio-Visual equipment can be a vital component for creating a teaching space, whether it’s for displaying presentations or engaging remote learners and guest speakers. Every educational institution can benefit, from secondary schools to universities, from arts academies to training centres.

At Mediascape, we offer innovative AV solutions for lecture theatres, seminar rooms, classrooms, workshop spaces and labs, tailoring each to your specific requirements. You can improve the class experience for remote and on-campus students, or make presenting even easier for educators; our offering will help give your spaces more functionality, flexibility and impact. 

Read on to see what kinds of products go into Mediascape’s solution for teaching spaces, or if you’d like to enquire about a quote or further info on our bespoke solutions, arrange a call back with a member of our team or get in touch with us directly.

Our teaching space solutions are perfect for all kinds of institutions across the Education sector, including colleges, universities, art schools, training academies and medical schools. There are several types of AV technologies and equipment suited to teaching spaces, each capable of working together to create an inclusive and adaptable system. At Mediascape, we supply and install a wide range of AV products including: 

  • Audio Systems
  • Lecture Capture
  • Projection
  • Room Booking Systems
  • Room Control 
  • Wireless Presentation

When it comes to providing a bespoke package to suit your teaching spaces, Mediascape is here to help. If you’d like to enquire about a quote or further info on our bespoke solutions, arrange a call back with a member of our team or get in touch with us directly.

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