Using touchscreen in restaurant

Fit for the Future

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, there is understandably a huge concern about further peaks of the virus as we start to integrate back into day-to-day living and surround ourselves with people again. In our industry, we must do what we all can to help people and businesses use available technology and devices to their fullest potential to help fight the current pandemic and any such future situations.

One main promising solution in adapting to these changes is touchscreen technology. Even though they have been around for many years now, touchscreens have become part of automated solutions for many businesses, and now are more in demand than ever as a basic business tool to bridge the gap between human to human interaction that we must now avoid. Here’s how:

Maintenance and Safety

Social distancing elbow tapAside from the fact that touchscreens create a more user-friendly experience compared to a traditional button keypad, they are made of an even flat surface and can be easily cleaned and disinfected after every use. Buttons however, are a bigger hassle to clean properly, as there are many creases and gaps where dirt and bacteria can be lodged that are hard to access.

Using touchscreens in your establishment means you can be in complete control of your hygiene measures and schedules and clean these high-touch areas thoroughly and quickly.

Limited Face-to-Face Interactions

Across many industries, we were already seeing a rise in touchscreen tech but now that our face to face contact will be limited, this technology is more of an investment than ever to help businesses.

Touchscreens are being used as a tool to help social distancing in lots of public places such as hotels, who are implementing virtual check-ins and restaurants using touchscreens to place orders. In fact, many major fast-food chains have accelerated their sales through using touchscreens to increase speed and convenience for guests placing orders and we can expect more restaurants to follow suit in the coming weeks and months.

Girl using touchscreen in public placeNon-Contact Innovation

Lastly, technological innovations in the AV world means that new motion-detecting features on digital screens are now widely available. These allow users to command the display using non-touch hand movements. With these very limited contact features, this could be the future of the safest touchscreens created so far!

This pandemic is showing us now more than ever that quality equipment and technology combined with proper hygiene safety is paramount. In line with our Fit for the Future initiative, our team have developed a comprehensive Risk Assessment guarantee to advise you how to use our products and technology to the safest standard, whilst maintaining our strict safety procedures when installing in your facility.

For any questions or inquiries about what products we have and what bespoke installations we can do for you, please get in touch!