Social distanced hybrid working

Adapting Your Work Environment

The sudden worldwide impact of COVID-19 has forced many businesses to make the move to a digital workplace environment that we all never saw coming.

From remote working to digital events and virtual reality training facilities, these technologies have now become an essential part of our day to day work life and are here to stay. It seems this is the end of the world of work as we know it, and the crisis has marked the tipping point for a new beginning.

Now, it seems the government has a clearer drive on getting organisations back to work in order to get the economy back on its feet as soon as practically possible… but that doesn’t mean that all employees feel secure and safe doing so.

As part of our fit for the future initiative, we are looking forward to how businesses can operate in their current environment (post-COVID era) with employee safety, productivity and wellbeing as a priority.

The need to stay safe in the workplace raises important challenges for businesses. What do you need to make this happen?

Video Conferencing

It’s now clear to us that in a digital workplace, collaboration and teamwork are facilitated by technology, rather than by a physical location.

Video conferencing roomEven if your business was one of those that were already on board with collaborative technology, you’ve seen firsthand just how much people rely on each other when they can’t be in the same office or work environment. That’s where video conferencing comes in as the key solution to future collaboration.

It’s all about striking the perfect balance and seeing employees as individuals. Provide them the freedom needed to work remotely when they need it and provide them with workplace environments that still encourage the mindset and culture you need.

Video Conferencing allows you to get everyone in the room, without having to be in the same room. We are social and crave connections with other people. Video conferencing allows you to effortlessly collaborate with external teams and employees while having the advantage of screen sharing collaboration that you wouldn’t have in a typical meeting setting.

Implementing your phased ‘back to work’ approach in line with a socially distanced meeting room plan brings us all closer to the office culture that is the ‘new normal’ in a planned, balanced and safe way.

Man on video callSingle Huddle Space

Great things happen in small spaces – something that applies to our single huddle space solutions. If your office already has enclosed spaces of this size available, you’re one step ahead.

Huddle spaces are fast-becoming the preferred meeting place of the modern workplace. Whether you work in a gym and need one-to-one check-ins with clients, or work in a healthcare profession and need to check upon clients, or work in an office, the single huddle room is ideal for employees to have impromptu brainstorm calls, status updates, interviews, meetings, and more.

Smart meeting Room Organisation

In the typical workplace, many employees book common rooms and use a variety of control and collaboration devices that are also being used by other colleagues.

In-office functions like scheduling and room control, allows you to improve the collaboration experience while minimising health risks by reducing the number of touchpoints for your employees.

We provide bespoke touch-free solutions for collaboration spaces. Through voice activation, people can start their meetings through the device that allows them to connect with remote colleagues or clients, share documents from their personal devices and wirelessly connect their own devices to room displays.

Settle any employee fears or doubts about hygiene safety by implementing a strict and controlled hygiene plan. Our recommendation would be through a meeting room/huddle space schedule with routine slots for deep cleaning.

Digital Signage

Offer personalised directions for both employees and visitors to your workplace through digital signage.

Digital signage in office buildingThis investment minimises foot traffic by efficiently guiding people to their destinations while acting as a reminder to follow any social distancing guidelines or procedures you have in place.

We are here to help support all types of businesses in the foreseeable future with their return to work strategies and can offer bespoke solutions to cater to all types of workplaces for your long-term workplace strategy.

You can access the official Government ‘Working safely during COVID-19’ here.


Our Health and Safety team have developed comprehensive Risk and Method statements to ensure the safety of our customers and staff on-site and in our offices. We have developed new safe systems of work and have secured ample supplies of PPE to ensure we can continue to safely serve our customers during these unsettling times. If you have any questions about what would be best for your business or want to discuss an installation date, get in touch!