Meet the team

Mediascape are an employee owned business. We are inspired
by our team of competent, committed and experienced people.
Please allow us to introduce them to you on this page.

Angus Knight, Chairperson

Angus Knight


Niall MacDonald, Managing Director

Niall MacDonald

Managing Director

Craig Douglas, Operations Director

Craig Douglas

Operations Director

Shona Knight, Advisor

Shona Knight


Carole Leslie, Non Exec Director

Carole Leslie

Non Exec Director

Lianne Gannon, Account Manager

Lianne Gannon

Account Manager

Fyona McArthur, SHEQ Manager

Fyona McArthur

SHEQ Manager

Tracey Turner, Finance Manager

Tracey Turner

Finance Manager

Mari Richmond, Business Support

Mari Richmond

Business Support

David Mitchell, Project Lead

David Mitchell

Project Lead

Kevin Rickards, Account Manager

Kevin Rickards

Account Manager

Frank McAllister, Account Manager

Frank McAllister

Account Manager

Ian Callan, Lead Engineer

Ian Callan

Lead Engineer

Melissa Millar, Business Support Administrator

Melissa Millar

Business Support Administrator

Gerald Holdsworth, Support Engineer

Gerald Holdsworth

Support Engineer

Euan Gailey, AV Engineer

Euan Gailey

AV Engineer

Jordan Witherspoon, AV Engineer

Jordan Witherspoon

AV Engineer

Craig McSorley, Account Manager

Craig McSorley

Account Manager

Daniel Bell, AV Engineer

Daniel Bell

AV Engineer

Aurelia Maciuca, Business Support Administrator

Aurelia Maciuca

Business Support Administrator

<br />
Chris Borland, Business Support Administrator

Chris Borland

Business Support Administrator

Daniel Langdale, System Design Lead

Daniel Langdale

System Design Lead

Scott Kemp, AV Engineer

Scott Kemp

AV Engineer

Charlie Mason, Lead Engineer

Charlie Mason

Lead Engineer