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Increased Desire for Home Working

New research from the Centre for Economics and Business Research, alongside Virgin Media O2 Business, has suggested there has been an increased desire among Scottish workers for home-based working.

Hybrid team work with video conferencing and AVAmong 502 Scottish business decision-makers and 2000 consumers surveyed in July 2021, results showed that employees want to work 2.8 days a week from home, on average.

This marks a 254% increase when compared with survey results before the beginning of the COVID pandemic.

Relating this to trends across the wider UK, business leaders reported that increased remote working since 2020 has led to a 4.9% increase in customer satisfaction, a 3.6% increase in employee satisfaction, and a 3.4% increase in productivity.

An article on this survey from featured a quote from Mike Smith, Director of Large Enterprise and Public Sector at Virgin Media O2 Business. He said:

“This research shows that embracing hybrid working can have concrete economic and societal impacts for Scotland and no doubt other areas of the UK – now business leaders need to ensure they are listening to their workforces and offer choice. This includes access to technology but also training with the relevant hardware, apps, and security – supporting staff in this way will lead to happier employees, stronger sales and more modern and resilient regional economies.”

The most salient point for our team here at Mediascape is the need for technology and hardware advancement in order to enable a stable, functional, and effective remote or hybrid working model.

At least in Scotland, the numbers show the desire for increased time working at home or away from the office. Businesses will be unable to support this model effectively for their staff without the right infrastructure and setup – this is something that audio visual technologies play a key role in enabling.

Improve Your Hybrid Workplace with AV Solutions

At Mediascape, we supply a wide range of AV systems from some of the world’s top manufacturers. Our team of experienced engineers have worked with clients across all industries from education to events, all across Scotland and further afield.

We are able to design, install, and maintain the ideal AV solutions for your meeting spaces and working areas with minimal disruption to your business, allowing you to fully embrace modern hybrid working technologies like video conferencing and interactive displays.

In the new era of hybrid working, businesses can take advantage of our expertise to assess their current setup, additional requirements, and recommended upgrades in order to maximise their remote and hybrid working capability for employees, stakeholders, and clients alike.

To find out more about what we offer, download our company brochure or get in touch with us.