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The Impact of COVID-19

Many businesses have been hit financially by the COVID-19 outbreak and, now with the lockdown easing, are looking for ways to reboot their operations whilst safely implementing the new guidelines.

From remote working to digital events and virtual reality training facilities, these technologies have now become an essential part of our day-to-day work life and are here to stay.

Likewise, workplaces, education, the retail sector, and the transport sector, are all keen to get back to some form of normality, whilst protecting the safety of their staff, students and customers.

Helping Retail Stores

Now the UK’s lockdown is easing, more retail stores are keen to reopen, while also protecting shoppers and staff. As we have seen in shops, floor signage is now commonplace, as is digital signage promoting safe social distancing.

Retail Store AV
Helping Retail Store

Unlike any crisis in history, digital signage screens have proven imperative for conveying real-time public health messaging. Increasingly, retail stores have been utilising their digital signage to ensure the public are informed of the latest safety measures, as well as any adjustments to business service as and when it happens.

Store capacity control is mandatory for every retail shop. We offer a range of capacity control solutions such as live digital screens with capacity cameras with head-count occupancy sensors combined with digital signage to instruct customers to Enter/Do Not Enter. This will help your staff efficiently manage access and relieve pressure of staff monitoring the door.

Helping Workplaces

As lockdown eases further, the UK’s workplaces are looking for ways to reopen their offices safely, even if it means having less staff on-site, and a proportion of workers still working from home.

We provide a large range of solutions to help on-site workers stay safe, feel connected and promote effective hybrid-meetings. Our vast portfolio includes video conferencing, meeting room solutions, wireless BYOD systems, meeting room audio solutions and more to help workers stay productive.

Workplace Scanner
Workplace AV Solution

Contactless temperature screening at workplace entrances can help give employers and co-workers increased peace of mind that safety precautions are in place. These provide an alert when a person is running a high temperature and state that the individual should not enter the building.

Helping the Transport Sector

With staff slowly returning to their workplaces and the retail and tourism sector moving towards gradually reopening – the transport sector needs to ensure social distancing measures are in place and need to carefully monitor public areas for capacity numbers and safety announcements that must be clearly seen and heard.

Transportation AV Solution
Transport AV Solution

Digital signage has never been more important to help with wayfinding and real-time travel information. It can also be used to prompt social distancing and encourage safer behaviour and passenger confidence.

Helping Education

Many Universities are gearing themselves up for continuation of online lectures and classes for the next semester, if not even longer. It is likely when students go back, strict social distancing measures will be in place alongside smaller classes and ‘blended’ online and in-person learning.

Universities face a financial catastrophe if they cannot provide high quality online teaching and learning resources, so demand for professional video and streaming equipment in this sector has increased.

Our vast portfolio of equipment provides high quality video base learning resources for distance learning, self-initiated education, and revision. We also offer a range of eLearning systems to enable high quality lectures in HD or 4K to be available to students remotely, live and on demand.

lecture room
Doctor on a video conference

Helping Healthcare

Video conferencing used for medical care is crucial for the future of consultations. Also known as “telehealth”, this new approach to medical communication utilises video conferencing solutions and presents many benefits, especially quicker communication process between professionals and quicker access to knowledge.

Our reliable range of video conferencing systems allow healthcare professionals to contact patients who are unable to reach the appropriate facilities. Whether they are suffering from reduced mobility, health conditions or simply have no way to visit a professional, virtual consultations using our fast and reliable systems allow them to receive medical care and help instantly.

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