Digital display and AV tech at trade show

Audio Visual Tech Trends

There are several new innovations that will soon be making a big impact on the world of Audio Visual technology.

For 2020, we’ve been looking ahead to find out which trends will be shaking up the AV industry over the coming year. Here are our predictions for the 4 biggest tech trends to watch out for:

5G and WIFI 6

These go hand in hand, as both are set to impact the world with super-fast data speeds. 5G was one of the emerging technologies to make a big splash at CES in 2019, with big next-gen Wi-Fi 6 routers and 5G-related announcements being discussed and presented so far at CES 2020, with surprisingly reasonable price tags. Worldwide implementation over the next year will see faster broadband speeds and more reliable network coverage become commonplace.

Following on from this, the latest advancements in Wifi technology (Wifi 6) will allow for 3x greater download speeds. Together with 5G, this will mean that everything digital is about to get a whole lot faster.

This will be an important trend for the AV industry as systems like video conferencing and collaborative presentations will see a drastic increase in speed using this technology, transforming office meeting rooms and opening up the capability for more prominent, real-time interaction and collaboration during seminars or university lectures.

Collaborative Meeting Rooms

An increase in businesses adapting their meeting spaces for collaboration is expected in 2020. Gone are the days of boring, static presentations; the future involves a combination of AV and cloud-based working to allow for multiple people to present and work together on tasks in real-time.

Workplaces are becoming increasingly based around remote working, which means a reliance on portable devices and shared, cloud-based resources to allow for easy collaboration and communication between team members.

Designing meeting spaces to accommodate this approach can include using several AV systems, such as wireless presentation solutions, smart TVs that allow for quick switch-over between devices and apps and built-in cameras to allow for video conferencing.

Students using virtual reality headsetsAR and VR Experiences

In the events and exhibition AV space in particular, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) will continue to be one of the most unique and innovative ways for consumers to interact with a brand or business.

While remaining a somewhat niche market in the gaming sphere, AR and VR technologies are being adopted more frequently by brands looking to offer something different to exhibition goers at trade shows and events, complimenting other AV solutions like digital signage and LED video displays.

AR can be used to allow visitors’ phones to reveal new information about a product or show animations and videos projected onto the world in real-time through the lens of a camera, pushing the boundaries of interactivity.

VR on the other hand is set to find increased use by the experiential sector as a way of grabbing consumers’ attention -giving virtual tours of a location, destination or built space. VR headsets also make for an ideal medium for companies showcasing prototype and in-development products or giving immersive, proof-of-concept demonstrations.

LED and OLED Displays

Still a key part of the AV market, digital displays will continue to see popularity and growth in 2020 thanks to new advancements in LED and OLED technologies.

Displays are becoming clearer, brighter and more energy-efficient than ever, while offering higher resolutions and sharper images. LED screen technology has also seen continued advancements in flexible materials this past year, meaning that it’s possible for future displays to be designed to fit almost any shape and contour.

This can allow for the creation of some truly unique displays that can be used to grab customers’ attention with ultra-high-resolution video. If there is to be only one major trend in 2020, expect it to be more and more businesses upgrading their LED screens to allow for higher impact branding and unique AV experiences.

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