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Bring your business into the new era with integrated AV systems from Mediascape. 

Businesses of all kinds require Audio Visual equipment for the modern office environment. Whether it’s to facilitate hybrid working between on and off-site employees, the delivery of digital presentations and meetings, or better wayfinding for visitors, AV solutions more than come into their own in the Corporate sector. Utilising the latest technologies for audio and video communication, wireless networking and visual display and projection, businesses can hope to improve many aspects of their premises for staff members, clients and visitors alike.   

Our Solutions

Corporate premises have a range of spaces and facilities that can be enhanced by AV systems, each requiring a distinct approach. From shared visitor/welcome areas and team rooms to conference suites and everything in between, Mediascape can provide a range of AV solutions tailored to the Corporate sector, including: 

empty meeting room with speakers and screen

Meeting rooms and boardroom

Meeting rooms and boardrooms are the backbone of the office environment; as such, they require effective AV equipment to allow for smooth delivery of presentations.

Conference suite with video wall.

Conference suite equipment

Whether you are presenting to your colleagues or clients, we will design and install reliable AV systems for you to communicate more effectively in spaces where major decisions are made.

Workshop space with 2 screens

Collaboration and huddle room fitting

Our specialists work with you to come up with bespoke Av solutions that suit your business’ requirements and ensure your collaborative space stays innovative.

Screens in an atrium

Digital displays for atriums and reception areas

Mediascape offers tailored AV solutions that help businesses deliver their messages more efficiently. Video walls, digital screens or touchscreens can take your business to the next level. 

hand holding a central remote control

Communications and central control systems

Control systems allow you to manage all the technology in a room from one single device. Mediascape can equip you with the right system for your business.

On and off-site teams working together on a video conference

Remote & Hybrid Working

As remote & hybrid working tend to become the new norm, it is essential to have the right tools to allow for efficient communication between on and off-site teams. Our Av solutions will help your staff stay connected and informed.

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