Interactive Touchscreens

Interactive touchscreens and displays are the new standards in digital signage. This technology enables users to engage with the content and data in an interactive manner using the hands-on (literal) approach. If you would like to use this technology for your corporate, marketing, and advertising solutions, we can help!

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What Are Interactive Touchscreens?

Man touching screen during a presentation

These systems, also referred to as interactive displays, digital whiteboards or interactive touchscreens, can be wall-mounted or installed on adjustable-height trolleys, fitting a range of professional applications. Representing a further step forward for collaborative working, this technology is quickly becoming a critical component to integrated classroom and conference room environments.

Interactive displays allow users to manipulate data in a hands-on way and engage with content like never before, with updates and annotations added in real-time by meeting participants both on-site and off. With the recent upsurge in hybrid working and teaching environments, interactive touchscreens can help to bring a new dimension to collaboration between employees and students alike.

Interactive touchscreens are a combination of a digital whiteboard and an interactive screen. It delivers a modern solution for various applications and purposes.

Also known as interactive displays, an interactive touchscreen can be wall-mounted or installed in adjustable-height trolleys to fit the intended purpose of the business using them. With an interactive screen, users can manipulate the shown data on the touch screen in a way that’s never been done before. This tool increases engagement among users since content can be manipulated in real-time, unleashing more possibilities with how the data is used and analysed.

Interactive touchscreen systems provide modern solutions for education, business and healthcare organisations where real-time, collaborative working is an important part of daily activity.

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Where Can You Find Interactive Touchscreens?

An interactive screen has many applications. Let’s examine the different applications of interactive touch screens.

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Interactive touchscreens are becoming a more common tool in the field of education. Its current application has shown impressive results, as using a traditional interactive whiteboard increases student engagement, learning, and performance. It is also shown to improve the efficiency of educators.

Interactive touchscreens support active learning and facilitate using dynamic devices in the classrooms. It promotes collaboration since students can use interactive screens to demonstrate and explain learning theories more effectively. This approach to learning in schools also enables experimentation and sparks group discussion to help them develop critical thinking skills.

Moreover, touchscreen displays encourage student-led learning and boost enthusiasm about the learning process in schools.

Business and Corporate Settings

Aside from classrooms, interactive touchscreens are also changing the way businesses work and the collaboration among teams. Interactive touch screens are the ideal solution in the meeting room wherein team members participate in a collaborative process where everyone’s input is acknowledged, and ideas are solicited.

It is a huge step forward in terms of a collaborative working environment, so it is fast becoming a staple in the modern meeting room. Meeting participants can add annotations and updates to the meeting in real time.

An interactive touchscreen also serves its benefits in a hybrid working environment. You can use it for video conferencing and other hybrid or remote team collaboration methods.

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Women using a touchscreen in a restaurant

Marketing and Advertising

Interactive screens are commonly used in the public sector and spaces. A business would use interactive touch screens to market and advertise its products to the public. These devices increase engagement among the target audience since interactive screen technology offers a range of ways that consumers can interact with the content displayed on the screen.

The digital whiteboard is a canvas with endless possibilities and opportunities for spreading the word about your company or your products and services. Maximising the potential of interactive touch screens allows you to impact your target audience in ways far beyond what traditional advertising could!

Interactive Touchscreen Partners

We have partnered with some of the best interactive touchscreen suppliers from all over the world. Our interactive displays are supplied by the world’s leading brands, such as Samsung Electronics, Prowise, Sharp, and Avocor.

We carefully handpicked our interactive screen suppliers because we believe the only way to succeed with this service is to ensure you have the best technology.

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Avocor is a global leader in creating collaboration solutions that enable people to come together easily, in-person or remotely, efficiently, and effectively.

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Samsung Electronics is a global leader in technology, opening new possibilities for people everywhere.

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The complete solution for your school, from touchscreen to IT administration, developed by our colleagues from one unique vision and your input.

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Clevertouch is an award-winning manufacturer providing seamless interactive touchscreen, digital signage, and collaboration software solutions designed for optimal user experience.

Interactive Touchscreen Systems

Interactive Displays

Interactive displays

Interactive displays keep the visitors engaged and interested. We can offer an AV solution for all your projects.

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Digital whiteboard

Digital whiteboards have a powerful impact on customers, and motion sensor displays allow you to streamline customer interactions.

Interactive Touchscreens

Interactive touchscreens

Interactive touchscreens allow you to connect with customers in an engaging and dynamic way. Mediascape can supply the best AV solution depending on your requirements.

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“I found the company very professional and I am given all the information I require. I also have found all engineers to be particularly skilled and experienced and workmanship is of a very high degree.”

John Monteith

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Interactive Touchscreen Projects

We have worked with a wide range of clients, providing products/services that are second to none.

Multi National Beverage Company

Interactive Boardroom Screen Solution

Mediascape was approached by the client to advise on how best to utilise the large boardroom and primary meeting space at one of their Glasgow locations. The room at the time had ceiling mounted projectors with projection screens, but the client felt that these no longer offered a premium, professional experience for those attending meetings.

Empty boardroom with a screen
St Andrew's church

The University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK

Technology & Innovation Centre

The TIC is a unique space for professionals across all fields to come together to find solutions to challenges that matter in areas of economic importance.. The critical challenge on this project was co-ordinating with the joinery contractor that was building architectural Corian surrounds for each video wall and touchscreen.

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