Team using large touchscreen at work

Time to Upgrade Workplace Tech

Small and Medium sized companies should invest in some of these solutions in order to advance their business.

A recent global study commissioned by Lenovo has revealed that employees at small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are unsatisfied with the level of technology available to them in their workplace.

The research, which was carried out by Forrester Consulting, surveyed 813 employees and 803 device buyers at companies with fewer than 1,000 employees globally. It showed that there is the desire within SMBs to upgrade outdated devices such as desktop and laptop PCs, as well as expanding with new purchases that afford greater opportunity for remote working and collaboration.

According to the report findings, changes such as these would help to improve the working experience, which is an investment worth making for an SMB if they are to maintain and improve employee performance, satisfaction and retention. This in turn helps the business to be more productive and provide an overall better service.

The AV Solution

Using Audio Visuals in meeting roomOne area where SMB decision makers should be investing more is in meeting room AV solutions. These technologies allow for better employee collaboration, as well as allowing for high-quality presentations and meetings to be delivered for team members, board members or clients.

Lenovo’s research showed that 30% of device buyers within small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) when asked which technologies they intended to purchase within the next 12 months, are looking to introduce additional smart meeting solutions to their business.

There are many options available when it comes to smart meeting room solutions, all of which use the latest affordable AV technologies. At Mediascape, we have access to products from several industry-leading suppliers and are equipped to fit out a business with whatever it needs to provide the perfect meeting room AV systems.

Here are just some of the solutions we can provide for SMB organisations:

Huddle Rooms

Many businesses nowadays are opting for huddle rooms – several smaller meeting areas instead of a single, large conference room. Not only are these spaces cost effective to set up, they also encourage collaboration and are ideal for open office environments where small teams may need to work together, or where space is at a premium.

Huddle room installations are perfect for creating a space where employees can collaborate on projects or engage in conference calls away from the noise of an open plan office. They are also ideal for confidential calls, providing a private space for work that cannot be carried out in an open plan office.

Wireless Presentation Systems

We can install wireless presentation systems that allow for collaborative, multi-user meetings and open forum presentations. Employees can connect their devices to the system and take turns and toggle between devices with ease. This also eliminates the need for cables between devices or displays, making the presentation room much neater and tidier.

Video conferencing roomWireless presentation systems connect with any computer or smart mobile device, allowing for smooth operation with any AV equipment you have installed in your meeting room. This is perfect for workplaces where employees often work remotely with laptop PCs, tablets or browser-based devices.

When using a wireless presenter, any room can be turned into a meeting room with AV capabilities – eliminating the problems faced by having to share just one expensive conference room.

The system can be used to enhance larger conference rooms, but its flexibility in smaller spaces makes it truly worth the investment.


Touchscreen Technology

Finally, it’s worth noting the benefits of installing interactive touch technology for your meeting spaces.

These systems, also referred to as interactive displays, digital whiteboards or interactive touchscreens, are large, wall-mounted screens that are becoming a critical component to conference room technology.

These systems allow users to manipulate data and engage with content in new ways, which can make the conference or meeting room environment even more collaborative and hands-on. Advanced AV solutions such as this can go a long way towards improving the employee experience and offering more freedom and flexibility for how your team works.

Looking Ahead: The Future of AV Technology

The future is looking bright for AV technology and more SMBs should begin looking into how they can invest in AV solutions that improve their meeting, collaboration and presentation capabilities.

If you’re looking for audio visual solutions of any kind, from meeting room AV to digital signage, be sure to get in touch with Mediascape Ltd. To find out more information or ask us any questions about how we can help your business, contact us here.