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New Gorbals Health and Care Centre

Health and Care Centre

The Brief

New Gorbals Health and Care Centre is a £17million NHS health centre in Glasgow that opened its doors in January 2019. Promoted as a ‘one-stop shop of health and medical services’, the facility provides access to a range of amenities for the community. Patients have access to four GP practices, physiotherapy, dental services and child mental health services at the New Gorbals medical centre.

In December 2018 while the building was finishing construction, a partner of ours, Glasgow-based art organisation WAVEparticle, was contacted about an exciting and unique art project for the facility; ‘The Portrait Gallery’. This project brings to life over 200 video portraits of local residents engaging with the camera in different ways.

This archive of portraits is carried on 12 monitors, installed in portrait ratio, with monitors arranged in banks of three, so that new combinations of these portraits continually cycle to create a sense of local human presence on each floor.


Having already created the content, WAVEparticle was looking for a partner to supply and install the screens for the videos to play on. The main requirement was to use displays that did not look like TVs and that could run 24/7 with no external buttons or controls, so the screens could not be tampered with while in their public setting. The project had been designated specific areas in the medical centre so the screens supplied had to fit these areas perfectly. A 5-year warranty was also essential for this project.

Mediascape supplied and installed these 12 monitors, which were setup to show videos on a constant loop, ensuring that no two screens would show the same “portrait” at the same time. Access to the NHS network was not allowed, therefore content had to be uploaded locally to each screen.

This would prove very difficult for the screens mounted at height, therefore the Mediascape team devised a solution where the videos were uploaded at low level points pre-wired to the screens and fully encased in a lockable wall cabinet. Security was a major factor in this project to ensure that no tampering with the screens or their content was possible.


We supplied WAVEparticle with 12 Android Advertising Displays; the 22″ and 32″ models were the perfect size for the wall areas. They also feature no external buttons or controls as requested, instead these are locked behind a secure door.

With their tempered glass fronts, aluminium surrounds and tablet styling, the displays are able to elevate the artistic content on them. The glass front also means they can be easily wiped clean; an important feature in a hospital environment.

The video content would not be updated once installed, so a standalone option was the most suitable and cost effective option. We also offered an extension of 2 years to our standard 3-year warranty to meet the requirements of the project.

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  • 12 x 32″ and 22″ Android Advertising Displays


The Android Advertising Displays were installed in February 2019 by our partner. The content had been preloaded onto the screens before being dispatched so once out of the box and mounted in place, using the super slim flat wall mounts included, the screens did not need any more setting up or configuration. The New Gorbals Health and Care Centre hosted a grand opening event at the beginning of April 2019 with ‘The Portrait Gallery’ art project wowing visitors. All parties were delighted with how the final result of the project turned out.

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