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Meeting Room Solutions

Meeting Room Solutions


Inspiring, relevant boardroom AV systems increase client engagement while ensuring that employees are able to manage meetings and presentations with greater ease and proficiency - which in turn increases productivity in a cost effective manner. Whatever your boardroom audio visual systems requirements, our fully qualified installation engineers will take care of every aspect of the installation process to ensure that your meetings run smoothly, minimising the risk of interruptions due to technical errors so that you focus on doing what you do best.

Our specialists work with you to design boardroom AV systems that cater for your company now and in the future - while working within your budget and time constraints - whether you need a single boardroom display or a complex integrated audio visual system.

Huddle Rooms

A huddle room provides cost-effective collaboration

With the growing trend for open plan offices, many businesses are opting for huddle rooms - a number of small meeting areas - in favour of a single, large conference room. Not only are these spaces cost effective to set up, they also encourage collaboration and are ideal for open office environments where small teams may need to work together, or where there is no space for a traditional conference room. A huddle room is generally more cost effective to set up, as the space required is smaller and requires less powerful AV equipment, as employees sit closer to the microphones and cameras.

Huddle room installations are perfect for creating a space where employees can collaborate on projects, or engage in conference calls away from the noise of an open plan office. They are also ideal for confidential calls, providing a private space for work that cannot be carried out in an open plan office.

Meeting Rooms

Our professional meeting room AV enables you to work collaboratively with clients, customers and colleagues regardless of where they are in the world. Our integrated meeting room AV includes audio and videoconferencing solutions that combine crisp, clear image and sound with reliable management and hosting systems. A typical meeting room application will incorporate an audio or video conferencing system to link partners around the room and in remote systems, display screens to present all forms of media and an intuitive control system that manages every aspect of the AV solution.

Presentation Rooms

Our goal is to enable you to walk into your meeting room and start collaborating & presenting straight away. We specialise in providing flexible, fast and easy presentation solutions for your meeting rooms. No matter what devices you are using, what you want to present and how, we have access to the technology to help your presentations run smoothly.

Whether it is a traditional hardwired laptop connection for presenting in your meeting room, more flexible wireless presentation or an all in one collaboration solution, Mediascape will help you choose the best technology.

Training Rooms

Training sessions can become tiring for both the trainer and the trainee. The more interactive a training session however, the more people are likely to maintain focus. By providing an array of interactive training aids including whiteboards, touch screen interactive solutions, videos and traditional PC presentations can make the training more engaging.

Room Booking

To assist with scheduling meetings, we provide functional and easy-to-use room booking systems. Our innovative management systems make the process of planning and conducting meetings take things even further - our room booking systems ensure multiple meeting spaces can be managed and organised,professionally and efficiently through intuitive room booking software.


  • Epson

    Epson have built their range of projects on a simple philosophy of innovation. Each projector is designed with a specific sector and function in mind marrying the very best of functionality with a keen design aesthetic

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  • Panasonic

    Multi-touch professional LED displays bring smarter, faster solutions for everyone using or interacting with visual technology in your business.

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  • NEC

    NEC is driven to create innovation through industry-leading service and value-add programs that help increase your productivity and let you see your digital world in a more dynamic way.

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  • LG

    LG fully understands these meeting room environments and is expanding its presence in business meeting rooms by making each solution easier to use and manage, using more durable and reliable displays

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