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Bring your designs to life with the latest AV technology

AV solutions play a crucial role in integrating technology seamlessly into architectural spaces, as smart buildings and intelligent design are becoming the new norm. With a focus on innovation, reliability, and user experience, Mediascape strives to transform architectural spaces into dynamic environments that engage, inform, and inspire.

Our expertise and modern audio-visual technology allow us to enhance your projects, elevating them to new heights of creativity and functionality. From design solutions to large format displays and interactive screens, our AV solutions enable architects to design spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also efficient and sustainable. 

Why Teaming Up With Mediascape AV Consultants?

Technical Expertise: We specialise in designing and integrating audio, video, and multimedia systems into architectural spaces. Our experts have a deep understanding of the technical requirements, equipment specifications, and installation processes necessary to achieve optimal audio-visual experiences.

User Experience: Incorporating AV elements into architectural designs can significantly enhance the overall user experience of a space. Mediascape can advise architects on how to design spaces that maximise audio-visual impact while ensuring functionality and usability for occupants.

Innovation and Trends: The field of AV technology is constantly evolving, with innovations and trends emerging regularly. AV consultants stay abreast of these developments and can advise architects on the latest technologies and design strategies to create cutting-edge, future-proofed spaces.

Streamline Your Planning Process

Integration and Coordination: We will work closely with you at the early stage of your planning process to ensure that AV equipment, wiring, and infrastructure are properly incorporated into the design without compromising the aesthetic integrity of the space.

Cost-Effectiveness: Working with AV consultants early in the design process can help architects identify cost-effective solutions that meet the project’s audio-visual requirements while staying within budget constraints. By considering AV needs from the outset, you can avoid costly redesigns or retrofits later in the project lifecycle.

Compliance and Regulations: Regulatory requirements and industry standards govern the installation and operation of AV systems in various types of buildings. We can help you navigate these regulations and ensure that your designs comply with relevant codes and standards.

The Importance of Acoustic Design

Working closely with our manufacturer partners, our engineers can assist in the design of the latest acoustic solutions to cater for any architectural design.
What are the basics of acoustic design?
Think strategically about acoustic design at the beginning stages of a project. Consider the size, shape and adjacencies of rooms within the building. These factors determine acoustics services. Curved wall surfaces or open floor plans can create acoustical challenges that are hard to address.
What are the benefits of good acoustics?
Good acoustics improve speech intelligibility, ensure optimal concentration and reduce fatigue. Our hearing is designed to hear sound from one direction, but when you are in a reverberant room you hear sound from all sides. This causes fatigue, which in turn reduces concentration.
Meeting room with big screen

Our AV Solutions For Architectural Projects

We work closely with architects, designers, and project managers to deliver AV solutions that meet the unique requirements of each project. Our expert team ensures that every aspect of the AV design complements your overall architectural vision. Some of our solutions specifically designed for the architecture industry include:

Screens in an atrium

Video walls

Video walls have become a defining feature in contemporary architectural projects, serving informational purposes while adding a futuristic flair to the environment. Whatever project you’re working on, we have the right video wall solution for you.

A man on a stage talking to people

Audio Systems

Audio systems are an integral part of modern architectural projects, seamlessly blending technology with design to create immersive auditory experiences. Our advanced audio systems offer convenience and versatility.

On and off-site teams working together on a video conference

Video Conferencing

The best video conferencing solutions are those that are secure, flexible and easy to use. Our systems are tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring seamless integration with existing infrastructure.

Interactive AV touchscreens

Interactive Displays

With intuitive interfaces and stunning visuals, our interactive displays unlock new possibilities for storytelling and interactions. Our solutions aim to redefine how you communicate and collaborate with clients.

A man on a stage talking to people

Design Solutions

Our experienced AV designers will visit your site to identify important elements to enhance the value of your environment. With our expert input, we will then create an AV system that perfectly meet your needs.

a digital signage display in a building

Digital Signage

With easy-to-use content management systems and high-quality displays, our digital signage displays give a modern touch to architectural spaces, allowing you to deliver impactful visuals that inform and entertain visitors.

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