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University of Glasgow Wolfson Medical Building, The Hugh Fraser Seminar Room

University of Glasgow Wolfson Medical Building, The Hugh Fraser Seminar Room

University of Glasgow

Glasgow, United Kingdom

In August 2016 Mediascape designed, supplied and installed a full "TEAL" teaching space in the Wolfson Medical Building of the University ofGlasgow - The Hugh Fraser Seminar Room.

This system consists of 9 student desks, each with dual 32" monitors. Each desk has either 3 or 4 laptop input cables for connecting laptops to the right hand 32" monitor. Each desk can also receive two signals from amain central teaching desk based in the middle of the room. This allows the lecturer's content - from PC, laptop, BYoD Writing Surface Ceiling camera or Visualizer - to be displayed on these local monitors. The system has full flexibility of the student being able to select to view the lecturer's contenton one screen and their own local connection on the other.

The room also has 4 ceiling mounted projectors, 2 on eitherside of the room - which ensures that all students can get a clear view of whatis being displayed, no matter their seating or standing position.

The system is controlled via an AMX Touch panel control system at the central teaching desk and also via an AMX push button control panel at each of the 9 student desks.

The system distribution is achieved via the AMX SVSI network distribution system. This gives full flexibility in that every source is attached to an encoder and every display is attached to a decoder. Therefore, anything can be distributed to anything. This gives a fully expandable, flexible and reliable system of signal distribution and content sharing.

The system also incorporates a ceiling mounted HD camera that is focused on a glass writing surface and back-lit lighting box that is built into the central teaching desk. This allows any written material to be displayed via the ceiling mounted projectors and also directly on to the local student desk monitors. This writing surface solution was designed by Mediascape Ltd.

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