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New Norms in The Modern Workspace

From hybrid working setups to huddle rooms, these modern workspace trends are proof of the complex and ever-changing work landscape. Another big contributor to this shift in how work is done is the growing presence of millennials in the workforce. They are predicted to make up 75% of the workforce by 2025. But before that could even happen, it has created a shift in how most people approach the work mindset as overwhelmingly different from how a traditional office space functioned.

One example is the prevalence of ad-hoc collaboration spaces and setups, such as known as huddle rooms. It is one of the fastest-rising trends in the modern workplace and a big part of the modern-day work culture. In this article, we will explore how huddle spaces are changing the way people work and collaborate, and why you should consider a huddle room in your workplace.

People in a business meeting What are Huddle Rooms?

A huddle room is a collaborative workspace that facilitates impromptu or informal meetings, or huddle sessions, among smaller teams. Unlike traditional larger meetings that involve a large group of people in large conference rooms, these ad-hoc meetings involve at most six people. They are like one-on-one meetings with at least two people to catch up or discuss specific team projects.

Due to the small size of a huddle room, it is often a BYOD or ‘Bring Your Own Device’ setup within small spaces. There is no need for large conference rooms with advanced tech setups. The participants of these ad-hoc huddle rooms bring their own devices, laptops or mobile devices to a small room with tables and comfy chairs. So, basically, it is a smaller conference or meeting room.

But huddle rooms can also be fitted with video conferencing cameras and other cutting-edge technology and equipment for video meetings. Hence, these huddle spaces can also be used for hybrid meetings.

The ideal space for a huddle room is no more than 250 square feet, but it can be bigger depending on how your workplace opts to use the space. It should have tables, chairs, and audio-visual equipment to support the efficient use of the space.

Huddle rooms are versatile, small spaces you can utilise for quick brainstorming sessions or quick one-on-one meetings that support productivity, collaboration, and sharing of new ideas. But more than a space for meetings and brainstorming sessions, their impact on the workplace has other far-reaching benefits.

Benefits of Huddle Rooms

Here are some benefits and uses of huddle rooms and why your office space should invest in having one.

people in a huddle room Make Collaboration Easier

Do you have new ideas you want to share with a particular team you are working on a project with? There is no need to save those discussions for larger meetings, especially when it concerns only specific people. Huddle rooms are the best solution for this scenario because you have access to rooms that are suited for small groups and easier content sharing or discussion.

You can use huddle rooms for a quick catch-up session or as a collaboration solution when you need to consult team members about a particular task. It is also easier to organise a team this way than to schedule a major meeting once a week or twice a month. However, that is not to say that huddle rooms are only beneficial to small teams.


Another advantage of huddle rooms in a modern workplace is their versatility. You have many uses for this space which can be suited for various collaborative strategies and group sizes. It is a cost-effective way to create an efficient and seamless workflow.

In addition, some people tend to develop new ideas when there is a change of scenery. Instead of discussing ideas or projects from their desk or a traditional conference room or meeting room, these huddle spaces are an ideal collaboration solution. These spaces make office life more engaging and create a positive work experience.

Efficient Use of Space

Many organisations are transforming unused rooms into huddle rooms to facilitate a new collaborative workflow. Utilising unused space as huddle rooms also spares your organisation from the need to build a larger conference room with more investment required, such as tables, chairs, and video conferencing solutions. You can still invest in them if you have a use for that space, but you can utilise those extra spaces and maximise their full potential.

Increased Inclusivity

Huddle rooms are intimate spaces suited for small teams. It promotes inclusivity in the workplace, especially for individuals who feel like their voices are not heard in larger meetings. In a huddle room, every team member can speak up and share their insights with the group due to its smaller size. You do not always have that luxury in traditional meeting rooms, especially since a moderator mostly speaks in front of the group instead of having open communication.

Business presentation Huddle spaces transform how you communicate and collaborate at work by promoting inclusivity.

No Need for Reservation

Another perk to having access to huddle rooms is that employees can use these spaces whenever they need to conduct quick meetings. There is no need to schedule or reserve large conference rooms because these impromptu meetings usually take a few minutes.

Key Features of Huddle Rooms

Take note of these essential features when building a huddle room for your workspace.


Furniture is the first factor to consider when creating huddle rooms at work. Invest in small tables and chairs or other seating options. Choose smaller-sized ones that fit into your space so that it does not feel too cramped. The idea is to make your huddle rooms comfortable and conducive to working. Consider making the huddle space efficient enough for five to six people to use at any given time.

Interactive Displays

An interactive display is one of the audio-visual equipment you should have in a huddle room. While it is a small space, you still need technology to facilitate collaboration and content sharing. A visual and interactive display is a must to make it easier to explain ideas and encourage engagement within the collaborative team.

Make sure that the huddle room is also fitted with technological tools that facilitate screen sharing. Keep the display screen wall mounted at eye level for easy viewing.

Woman on a business meeting via ZoomVideo Conferencing Solutions

It is ideal for huddle rooms to be equipped with video conferencing technology, such as video conferencing cameras and audio solutions. These technologies are a must if you have remote workers in your team, as they will be able to join these huddle rooms virtually through a video conference.

Therefore, huddle rooms should have the practical technological infrastructure to support video calls and a reliable audio system.

Content Sharing

As mentioned, huddle rooms must facilitate for team members to easily share content with each other. This capability would significantly enhance the team’s collaborative workflow. Anyone in the huddle room must be able to view, share, and manipulate the content. If not, it defeats the purpose of this space.

Huddle Rooms for Your Workspace

Huddle rooms deliver big benefits for any organisation, no matter your industry. Huddle spaces are small and intimate, which makes collaboration easier and more inclusive. It is a space designed for impromptu meetings, so it is ideal for when you want to have a quick conversation with team members. There is no need to set aside a time of your week for a longer meeting when you can get it done in ten minutes or so.

All in all, it is a versatile space. You can use as many or as little audio-visual equipment as you need. Depending on your project needs, you can also adjust the number of people joining these informal meetings. The idea behind huddle rooms is about spontaneous collaboration, which is the trend with younger and more agile employees making up the workforce.

Consider building an entirely new huddle room or transforming unused space into huddle spaces? Contact Mediascape today to see how we can set up and maximise your huddle rooms with the latest and practical AV solutions!