Conference room with hybrid setup


How we use technology to stay ahead of the curve

How AV solutions and hybrid working compliment each other

What makes Mediascape different? Well, if you visit the client testimonial section of our website or visit our social channels where we often share feedback you will see for yourself. We always go above and beyond for our clients to provide the perfect tailor-made audio visual solution regardless of the complexity or scale of the task.

This may seem like a tall task and, to be fair, it has been, the world has changed a lot in the past few years meaning there are always new expectations being put on audio visual organisations such as ourselves.

The Latest Technology

However, we take this as an opportunity rather than shying away from it, we strive to broaden our horizons by utilising cutting-edge technology such as holographic technology and interactive high-resolution displays. This allows us to push boundaries and offer you a host of industry-leading services that could put your businesses ahead of the pack. Business meeting with Hypervsn display screen

Our tech allows us to change a basic business entrance into an attention-grabbing holographic futuristic atrium or change a virtual meeting room into a collaborative virtual interactive workspace where everybody can get involved instead of the usual teams meeting squabble that often occurs with overcrowded virtual meetings.

Taking a leap of faith on new technology can be risky, but we believe it is worth it to provide our clients with the perfect bespoke solution, just look at the number of audio visual solutions we provide on our website to see the range of services we offer.


Hybrid Working

From the looks of it, hybrid working is here to stay, whether it’s petrol prices, pollution or that extra hour in bed the average employee seems to be a fan of this approach to work. Hybrid working has been a bit of a eureka moment for both employers and employees realising that the old way of doing things was inefficient for everybody, however, one thing does remain clear – audio visual equipment and communication technology are at the forefront of this new era.

Hybrid team meeting using video conferencingAs businesses everywhere are requiring new and innovative AV installations for their boardrooms, meeting rooms, atriums and just about every other workspace then the transition has to be made as smoothly as possible minimising costs and proofing businesses for the future with top-class design, supply and installation..

As a premier audio visual company, our approach to hybrid solutions means there is no compromise. We set up our audio visual solutions so that virtual meetings are just as effective as in person meetings in terms of connectivity, interactivity and clarity. Our hybrid audio visual solutions ensure you have the latest most effective and professional communication medium with your external clients and internal employees.



Although many organisations may have been overwhelmed by the change in the communication technology landscape, with the help of our suppliers we have managed to excel and differentiate ourselves as the type of company that welcomes change.