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The Rise of Video Conferencing

Video conferencing technology has rapidly transformed from a “nice-to-have” at home or corporate offices to a “must-have.”

The increased reliance on virtual meeting rooms for employees working from home and those in conference rooms has accelerated the development of technology required for video conferencing.

Gone are the days when you have to deal with complicated AV setups and messy wiring – the advanced conference room systems, such as the ones available in a Zoom Room meeting, make it possible to join video meetings with a click of a button.

Overview of Zoom and Its Products

Zoom is the leading web and video conferencing software platform that has grown rapidly in the past few years. Companies use Zoom software for audio and video conferencing, webinars, and HD video collaboration. Employees can join video and audio conferencing quickly through their personal mobile devices, laptops, and desktops in the same conference room or virtual meeting space.

person on a video conference on their laptopZoom offers two of its core products: Zoom Rooms and Zoom Meetings. Most people often confuse these two, assuming they mean the same thing. As you will find out in this article, these two are different core products from Zoom, which you should understand in order to choose the right solution for premium home office setups or high-definition video solutions for corporate spaces.

Zoom Rooms vs Zoom Meetings

Zoom Rooms and Zoom Meetings are two distinct products from Zoom. However, they have interconnected components linked within the same software platform, Zoom.

Zoom Meetings enables users to schedule, host, and join video meetings with their colleagues, employees, or friends. Zoom Meetings offer a comprehensive array of features such as video and audio conferencing, wireless screen sharing, recording, and chats. You can access the virtual meeting space using any device, such as a laptop, desktop computer, or mobile device, allowing greater flexibility.

On the other hand, Zoom Rooms utilise the features and functionalities of Zoom Meetings to the next level. It’s a physical conference room setup using Zoom-enabled technology and hardware via an easy-to-set-up kit for in-room participants. It includes dedicated Zoom hardware, such as cameras, microphones, and speakers, optimised to deliver the most interactive and engaging conference room experience. You can seamlessly integrate Zoom Rooms with Zoom Meetings to make it easier to join video meetings through these configured meeting spaces.

But why is it worth investing in Zoom Rooms meetings over traditional video conferencing solutions? The answer is simple. Zoom Rooms setup overcomes the challenges of traditional conference room setup by automating the entire process. Zoom Rooms also feature a user-friendly interface across multiple spaces, allowing all participants to join meetings easily.

woman with headphone on a zoom meetingZoom Room Features

Zoom Rooms have advanced features that enable in-room participants and virtual employees to interact in real-time. With a button tap, it’s easy to start a meeting, book a room, and collaborate with each other.

Zoom Rooms is packed with advanced features that enable HD video collaboration. Here is an overview of these features.

Intelligent Director

Achieve an equitable meeting room experience as in-room and remote participants can see, hear, and communicate better with each other.

Control Zoom Rooms with any Device

Control Zoom Rooms meetings using your personal mobile device without access to the shared room controller. You can do this by pairing your device with your Zoom Room.

Digital Signage

Access unlimited Digital Signage capabilities at no extra cost once you obtain a Zoom Rooms license. You can utilise Zoom Rooms Digital Signage through a scheduling display to share announcements and content via images, videos, and URLs.

Benefits of Using Zoom Rooms

Zoom Rooms are beneficial in setting up conference room meetings for in-room participants, and hybrid working environments include multiple spaces. The Zoom Rooms kits provide functionalities unique to the product and enhance what you can do in a Zoom Meeting.

Smiling woman on her laptop1. Smart Gallery

The Smart Gallery is an AI-based camera available in Zoom Rooms. It provides Zoom room participants with a comprehensive view of everyone in the video meeting space. It enables participants to manage Zoom Rooms, especially the remote employees, to see everyone at the meeting. It’s like being in a large conference room where you can see everyone’s facial expressions, resulting in a more engaging experience.

2. Kiosk Mode

The Zoom Rooms Kiosk Mode, as known as a virtual kiosk or virtual receptionist, is a unique feature of this Zoom product. You can assign a manager or receptionist to oversee the “kiosk” and manage the participants of your conference meetings. You can also set it up to allow participants to quickly join meetings without manual intervention, greatly enhancing convenience and accessibility.

3. Workspace Reservation

Workspace reservation is another unique feature of Zoom Rooms enabling organisations to schedule and organise their meeting space. With this feature, users can reserve a Zoom Rooms meeting somewhere in advance for a specific collaborative session or meeting with a particular team. It prevents conflicts in meeting room scheduling and ensures you can efficiently utilise meeting spaces and enhance collaborative efforts.

You can also integrate Workspace Reservation with existing calendar platforms, such as Google Calendar and Office 365. Users within your Zoom Rooms can view this schedule and check the availability of Zoom Rooms within a particular time slot and date. Once a Zoom room is booked within the specific time slot, it won’t be available for others within your room systems.

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