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AV Installation, Scotland: Transforming Your Business with Audio Visual Installations

Tailored AV installation that integrates cutting-edge technology with your environment. From room control systems to digital signage, our solutions are designed to captivate audiences and enhance communication.

Experience the difference with Mediascape’s commitment to excellence in AV installation across Scotland. Let’s transform your space into an immersive, advanced environment that exceeds your expectations.

Leading Audio Visual Equipment Installation Services in Scotland 

Av installations are not just about staying current; they’re about gaining a competitive edge. We don’t just install equipment; we craft immersive experiences that revolutionise the way Scottish businesses communicate, collaborate, and captivate audiences.

Whether you want to transform team communication with video conferencing rooms or broadcast your brand with digital signage, get in touch with our Scotland installation team today.

The Leading Audio Visual Equipment and Solutions for Impactful Presentations

Looking for specific audio visual solutions? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular systems we install in Scotland:

Digital Projection and Commercial Displays

Envision presentations that go beyond slides and statistics. Digital projection and commercial displays bring your ideas to life with stunning visuals, ensuring your message resonates with clients and stakeholders. Elevate your brand perception and leave a lasting impression in the minds of your audience.

Digital display showing commercial ads
Man touching an AV touchscreen

Interactive Touch Screens and Wayfinding

Navigate the future with interactive touch screens and wayfinding solutions that enhance not just your physical spaces but also the way your clients interact with your brand. Engage customers seamlessly and guide them effortlessly through your offerings, deliver a connection that extends beyond the screen.

Samsung Video Wall Display

Transform your space into a canvas of possibilities with Samsung video wall displays. Whether it’s showcasing your products, sharing your brand story, or creating a visually stunning backdrop, our video walls make a bold statement that sets your company apart! The Samsung video wall is the right solution for turning your great ideas into a project of exceptional quality and professional excellence for your UK customers.

Employees using an AV interactive touchscreen

Audio Visual Solutions for Crystal Clear Communication

Audio Visual Systems and Wireless Presentation

Communication is the heartbeat of every successful Scottish business. We ensure your message is heard loud and clear with our advanced audio systems and wireless presentation solutions. Whether you’re in the boardroom or collaborating across borders, we make sure your voice is always at the forefront with either single or multi room, audio system installations.

Employees using an AV interactive touchscreen
Man touching screen during a presentation

Video Conferencing and Collaboration

In a world where distance is no longer a barrier, our video conferencing solutions break down walls and foster collaboration. We enable your teams to connect seamlessly, ensuring great ideas flow freely, and projects move forward with efficiency and precision. Whether you’re conducting global strategy sessions or hosting remote workshops, our video conferencing solutions transcend the limitations of distance.

Digital Signage and Control Systems for Efficiency

Digital Signage and Networked AV

Your message deserves to be seen and remembered by clients. With our digital signage and networked AV solutions, Mediascape empowers you to broadcast your brand in real-time. Keep your audience engaged with dynamic content that adapts to your business needs, all managed effortlessly through our integrated digital signage and networked AV solutions. Deliver your project in style with Mediascape.

Digital signage of products in stores
Using remote control on AV

Room Booking and Control Systems

Efficiency is at the heart of every successful business. With our room booking and control systems optimise your workspace, ensuring meeting rooms are utilised to their full potential. Take control of your environment with smart automation that enhances productivity and saves valuable time.

Keeping up with the Latest AV Tech with the Mediascape Team!

Our central Scotland-based team excels in delivering a carefully tailored AV solution, leveraging decades of expertise and advanced AV technology. We prioritise minimising disruption to your business, ensuring a seamless integration of our cutting-edge solutions.

With our superb suppliers by our side, we ensure the technology we install is nothing short of excellence, and our installation team is always up to date with the best AV equipment. Our experienced team of central Scotland-based engineers, with over 20 years of expertise, combines their skills with the latest AV technologies. They are exactly the professionals you need to deliver seamless AV system installations and provide top-notch technical support.

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What Industry can we Help?

Thanks to our amazing teams we are able to serve a host of industries professional and expert services. These industries include: Corporate, Education, Arts & Culture, Healthcare, Government & Public Sector, Hospitality, Place of Worship, Retail, Sports & Leisure, Visitor Attractions, Transport.

Having such a diverse client base has shaped our company into the hardworking and adaptable AV service providers we are today. With our ‘Employee Owned’ system in place, every member of our company is now an owner of Mediascape. This ensures that the services we provide are never shy of being satisfactory. Our unique system has allowed us to create a tight-knit business, consistently striving to deliver the best services possible.

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Audio Visual Installation Scotland: A Symphony of Efficiency and Innovation

Why Choose Mediascape’s Audio Visual Solutions?

Step into a world where audio visual equipment is the catalyst for unparalleled business efficiency. Mediascape’s state-of-the-art AV installations redefine the way your company experiences meetings, presentations, and collaborations.

Ready to get started with Mediascape? Contact us today, and let’s shape a future where efficiency and innovation converge for your business success.

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AV Services in Scotland

Mediascape provides you with bespoke AV solutions suitable for all industries and projects in Scotland. We are committed to delivering the highest level of service, ensuring that every aspect of your AV system is optimised for performance, convenience and reliability.

Here at Mediascape, we aim to create immersive and engaging environments that improve the overall experience for your customers, employees, or students. Our audiovisual solutions for businesses are designed to turn your facilities into dynamic spaces that inspire creativity, foster collaborations, and enhance communication.


AV Supply

We pride ourselves in knowing what’s available in the market, and work closely with our suppliers.


AV Support

A Mediascape Maintenance Contract will reduce system downtime and protect your business assets.


AV Installation

We project manage the installation from concept to delivery, integrating with other contractors and interested parties.

AV Leasing

Leasing can be the best way to upgrade equipment with manageable monthly amounts over a pre-agreed term.

AV Maintenance

We work closely with our customers, integrating innovative and intelligent approaches to your audio visual needs.

“I found the company very professional and I am given all the information I require. I also have found all engineers to be particularly skilled and experienced and workmanship is of a very high degree.”

John Monteith

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 AV Products In Scotland

Whether it’s a corporate office, educational institution, hospitality establishment, or any other commercial space, our audiovisual products will enhance your workspace and make a great impression on your customers.

As your trusted AV supplier for all your audiovisual needs in Scotland, Mediascape strive to deliver unmatched quality, reliability, and performance. Our products are sourced from leading brands in the industry, ensuring that you receive the latest technology and innovation. We also provide comprehensive after-sales support, including installation, maintenance, and technical assistance, to ensure a seamless experience for our valued customers.


Room control systems

Room booking systems allow you to manage your meeting rooms and shared workspaces effectively.


Audio systems

Mediascape Ltd has been designing and installing audio systems for over 30 years. We design and install audio systems to suit all requirements.


Digital signage

Digital Signage allows information, advertising and other forms of messages to be shown via an electronic display.


Interactive touchscreens

Touchscreen technologies allow products to be accessed by customers in more intuitive & tactile ways than ever before.


Lecture capturing

The advancement of digital technology presents valuable opportunities for educational institutions and students alike, and lecture capture is an essential component to making it.


Video conferencing and collaboration

Video conferencing and virtual meeting technology allows you to effortlessly collaborate with external teams and employees.

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